Thursday, March 4, 2010

Snow Days

Ok, ok, I know it is a little bit past due as we are enjoying the lovely warm that has popped up over the last week. But I figured now was the time, before we get too far into spring.

So here is a look at our past winter.
This was from our drive in the Austrian Alps. We went down and spent New Years with my brother and his family and it was absolutely beautiful 

Sonthofen in snow.

I have always loved the way snow highlights the trees. 

I was really excited to jump in the snow piles lol. 

Hubby in snow. 

A nice view of the snow stacked up on the window seals. 

This was the weinnachtsmarkt last year. We didn't get a chance to shop this year, but I hope to save up for the next one. They have so many amazing handmade products. 

It is actually law here to clean the snow off your cars. One of hubbys least favorite ways to start the morning. 

This was me and my friend Jeanette at the winter market enjoying nice warm cups of gluewein. Don't you love the snow in our hair :)

There was lots of snow, and it got bitter cold at times. But I would be a liar is I said winter in Germany was not one of the most beautiful thinsg I have ever seen. I will never forget the first time I saw those big fluffy snowflakes and you could actually see the unique patterns. Amazing.

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Sonya said...

Beautiful photos! I can not believe how much winter has held on over here! Im more than ready for spring now:) One of my most favorite things about christmas here are the german christmas markets! I could spend the whole month visiting different ones..wish I had the money to do just that!


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