Sunday, November 15, 2009

Medical Adventures in Deutschland Update

I had previously posted regarding issues with my ear and an upcoming MRI. Well that appointment was yesterday, so I thought I would post the update here.

It was an interesting adventure. I got some great advice from people who had been through an MRI before and it really helped prepare me for what to expect. I was so nervous the night before that I could barely sleep, I stayed home from my German class and caught a few extra hours sleep before my appointment. The hubby left work a few hours early to take me. So we had to drive to a nearby city about 15 minutes away to a radiologist. Once there I had to do the standard prep paperwork. I was asked if I had anxiety in small places and wanted to be sedated, I said yes. But did that happen? Nope.

So after waiting in the waiting room a bit I was called back. The radiology assistant did not speak English, but luckily my German was good enough to go through the procedure without ordeal. I was taken to a little room where I had to remove all metal and leave my personal belongings. Then I went into the MRI room and saw the machine. I never knew how small those little tunnels really were, but let me tell you I had one hell of a panic attack when I saw it up close in person. I told her I was freaked out, but that didn't help much she just loaded me up on the machine.

They put a Hannibal looking cage over my face, and a huge head set on me, and then handed me a ball and told me if I freak out to squeeze it :). Then placed a huge pilot looking headphones over my head. The head piece had a mirror so I was able to see outside of the tunnel. Then I was slid into the tiny tunnel, which words can not even describe unless you have been in one.

So I couldn't help but notice the women kept waving at me, I guess in hopes I would not have a mental break down lol. But then once the machine came on, nothing, even the warnings I received could have prepared me for the noise it made. At first it wasn't so bad un un un di di di, I am like ok I am at a Daft Punk concert, then came bam bam bam, alright I am at a Daft punk concert that is being bombed, every time you become accustomed to the noise it changes. So in the end I cam to the conclusion that I was on a train listening to daft punk, while being bombed in world war two berlin. great visual lol.

So after that joyful experience, I was told to go back and sit in the waiting room. That had to be the longest twenty minutes of my life. WE were then called back to talk to the radiologist. Now this in itself was rather entertaining as I had looked to Toni to help me answer his questions, at which point he told him to shut up he wanted to hear from me hahahah. Well I managed pretty well and in the end was told it is in fact not a Tumor. Thank God. However, he was only trained in Brain scans, so he could only comment on that aspect and was unable to see f a problem lied within the ear itself.

So back to square one, at this point I need to go back to the HNO and have her review the films. I am unsure what will happen from there. She had said before it may be the case that no medical explanation is found and only the symptoms can be treated. So our next step will be researching into the costs of the ear piece that is needed, finding out how much is covered by health care, and if it is something we can afford to do at this point in time.

I am so thankful for everyones well wishes. It helped me so much, and meant more to me then I could ever express with words.

I will keep you all updated on how things unfold.


Sonya said...

I'm an american living in the netherlands and I know all to well about having to go to the hospital or a doctor appointment and not knowing what to expect..over here they just have you strip down naked infront of them..with no curtain or gown..nuthin.

I had to go to the hospital to get my foot x-rayed and they put me in this little room that I swear looked like a peep show room. I go in one door and then there is a door infront of me and Im freaking out wondering whats on the other side. They knock on the door and tell you to come out. There are dozens of these peep show doors and I can't imagine having to walk out there naked to get a scan done.

I told my husband that as long as nothing is falling out..Im not going in for anything..LOL

I hope they are able to find out whats going on with you! Best of luck!!

Lost in Translation said...

Thanks for the comments Sonya, I am from Oregon too :)

Yeah it takes some time to get used to the system over here. What brought you to the Netherlands?


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