Thursday, November 19, 2009

Spend to save- Buying in Bulk

I recently came across a great post at The happy Housewife in which she talked about spending money on dental care products in order to save money on long term dental repairs, and she tossed out the questions how do you spend to save.

So here is my tid bit.

I know for a lot of us on a tight budget we live paycheck to paycheck. Planning every detail of our spending. But one thing that has helped me tremendously is occasionally buying extra products.

To give you an example today while grocery shopping I found butter for 65 cents a tub, normal price 1,29. Now I could say ok, I will buy two which equals the normal amount I have planned to spend. But instead I bought 6. Now my husband thought I was nuts, but think about it I saved 50% and that will last us a while, and save us on our upcoming grocery bills.

Buying more at the sale price saves you money in the end. This can also be true of buying in bulk. The key is being able to access what your family needs and will actually use.

I also buy items we do not currently need but are always using for instance bathroom products, why wait a week and pay 1,29 for shampoo that is this week 40 cents. Planning in advance always saves in the end.

So how do you spend to save?

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Cascia said...

Great tips! We compare prices and make sure we find the best deals on the products that we use regularly.


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