Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cheap toddler friendly pasta lunch

You know its funny, when I went home after my first visit to Germany, I used to eat abend brot to remind myself of my time in Germany. However, 4 years after moving here and seeing how prevalent bread is in the German diet I might gouge my eyes out if forced to eat much more bread in my life. Now do not get me wrong, I am making an effort to come up with some creative variation, aim for more of an American style sandwich. I have been stalking the interwebs looking for dup recipes for Paradise bakery, nomnomnom, but we need som variety. If Germans may have no qualms eating bread so often, but I sure cannot. But at the same time I do not want to invest the time nor money to cook a second hot meal eat day, lazy American that I am. SO I look for frugal idea, and idseas that my picky little mr enjoys, today was a sucess.

Aldi sells some finished pasta products, one version is in boxes and another comes in pouches. For this recipe I used the pouch version the Pasta Pomodoro Mozzarella. It comes with the noodles and seasoning mixed in in a powder form. Just add water and cook 10 minutes. They also have a variety of other flavors. The package says it serves 2.

Once I boil my water and add my pasta mix, I add an additional half can of diced tomatoes, and 1 cup of frozen veggies mix  DO NOT USE BUTTERGEMÜSE NEINNEINNEIN thats bad get the plain stuff in bags lol.

The pasta mix costs .65
Half can of tomatoes .22
1 cup veggies aprox. .10

Full meal for under a buck

This could easily be made into a dinner by doubling it and adding a green salad and baugette. You still have a dinner for under 2.50 including sides.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Would you know it...

Lots of change coming our way

As we prepare to welcome baby number 2 this November!

Meal Plan Monday - 28.5.2012

I have been busy playing around on pinterest looking for some new recipes to liven up our dinner menu and here is what I came up with for the week


1. Tacos with refried beans

2. Paprika Parmesan Chicken with broccoli and cheesy garlic bread

3. Homemade mac and cheese with green salad

4. BLT with fries

5. Glazed Pork chops with cauliflower gratin

6.Curried chickpea couscous with green salad


1. Mexican wraps (store bought)

2. Sandwich with veggie sticks

3. Chili over potatoes

4. Egg salad sandwiches with veggie slices

5. Seasoned rice over green salad

6. Egg salad sandwiches with veggie slices

7. PB and jelly tortilla roll up with veggie sticks


1. Cereal and fruit

2. Pancakes and fruit

3. Rolls and smoothies

4. Egg muffins with fruit

5. Oatmeal with fruit

6. Yogurt and toast

7. Scrambled eggs and smoothies

Fruit- apples, apricots, banana

Veggies- cucumber, carrot, bell pepper strips

Crackers and cheese


Granola bars

Maybe some homemade treats- cookies, ect

What is for dinner at your house this week?


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