Friday, November 19, 2010

Hipp welcome packet

I am going to link this to the freebies for mommas post :)

 Today I got my first freebie it was a welcome packet from Hipp Mein Baby Club

This one was actually pregnancy themed. It had a small bottle of Hipp Mama Sanft Massage-öl (Massage oil) 20ml

There is a welcome letter with a form for me to fill out once the baby arrives with his details,  from which they assemble a persönliches Begrußungspaket (welcome kit).

There is also a little card for a catalouge called Babybutt. Cute name. But I of course will have to check out their prices. Can they compare with mytoys???

Then there is a small flier that shows all of the baby products in their baby care line.

Coupons for  1 euro off a sample pack or 5 euro off a normal pack of Hipp Natal Nahrungsergänzung. That is a mouthful aint it. I think this is another type of prenatal vitamen. I may check it out I do not plan to switch now, but since I will be taking them in the Stillzeit (breastfeeding time) I may try another brand as I am paying 22 euro a month for femibion. But I have to check it out and see if it is comparable.

And last but not least was a small booklet called Schön Schwanger all about proper care during pregnancy and some cool tips like massage. It is of course based around their products, but there are many general tips as well.

I look foward to see what they send in the baby welcome packet :)

Check out my full list of freebies for moms in Germany here

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Hanna said...

Just wanted to let you know I sent you an email about your question regarding sponsors and such! Have a great weekend:). Hanna from bouffe e bambini


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