Monday, November 22, 2010

When the time comes

I hope to have a post shell that Toni will be able to just fill in the details. The length of stay in the hospitals after birth in Germans is very different then the US in one day and out the other. For a normal birth without complications the length of stay various between 3-5 days by cesarean up to 12.

I had hoped to be able to come online with UMTS but Toni said the hospital will not have a signal. So we will work out another way to update everyone. I also plan to update my facebook status as well.

That said, there will not be a bunch of calls to people back home, family aside, due to the International calling rates. Cell phones charge ,75 cents a minute, and I am sure the hospital phone (as cell phones are not allowed) is far more and that is in Euros so about a buck a minute.  They charge even for local phones, it is not a included commodity.

So only people in Germany and of course my dad back home will get the call nothing personal. I look forward to talking to people after I get back home.

If you are one of my friends in Germany and want to visit me in the hospital you need to get in contact asap to get on the call list. :)

As of next Sunday the 37 week mark, he is considered full term and can come any day :D


Martina said...

Take your cell phone anyway.. I was allowed to use it :)

SK said...

I know this won't help you while you're in the hospital but if you don't already have skype they have great calling rates to the States. The rate is €0,019 per minute plus if whoever you are talking to has video capabilities you can video chat for free. That might be nice so your family can see teenie :)

Morgenmuffel said...

oooh you must be so excited about being able to meet your little man soon, hopefully that negates the nerves you must be feeling too. Take care :)

Lost in Translation said...

I really need to find a way to better manage my comments, if anyone knows a program that lets me comment right under the poster, please let me know.

Martina- I plan to :)

SK- I actually do use skype I have the world flat rate with a local oregon number. I really like it as I can reroute it to my home phone for free. I know there is supposed o be a way to dial out of Germany too by calling a local German number I may look into that since I already pay for that service and now would be as good a time as any to use it.

I am very excited, but also pretty freaked out. But at this point not much I can do but follow through lol. I try to distract myself with the end result and also focus on the fact that my mom will be flying in just about 2 and a half weeks now and I have not seen her since i left home in 2008. :)

Morgenmuffel said...

That'll be amazing to see your mom too, how long will she be staying for?


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