Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sundays in my city - 34 weeks

34 weeks can you believe it has been so long. I am filled with such a variety of emotions everything from extreme excitement to utter terror. I can't wait to meet him but I am scared to death to let go to the bond we shared these past 8 months. 

Today was nothing to exciting. We worked on the house, put up some Christmas decorations. The baby areas are coming together nice and I will add pics soon. I do not have any decorations or a nursery, but I think it is nice :)

I am excited that we finally figured out how to get a wide variety of more English TV and I have been enjoying Hoarders and 17 kids and counting.

I was super excited to win a auction on ebay today for one of those storage systems with the plastic bins, they run 60-120 euro here and I got one for 20. You can see what it looks like here. Yay. I will use that in my diapering area for all the pflege items. I still have some needs stoarge wide, but it is coming together.

My mom arrive in just under 5 weeks and I am so excited. It will be my first time seeing her since I left home in 2008, and or first Christmas together in years. I even have a stocking for her :D

Things are going well .

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Unknown Mami


Unknown Mami said...

Oh I love those storage units that you got. I have been wanting one for awhile.

I am so happy that you get to see your mother soon after such a long time.

Sonya said...

Im so glad you get to see your mom and that she will be there to help you out for a little while..I dont think we ever get to old to have our moms around helping us out :)

It's almost time to meet that little cutie pie :)

Kaylen said...

It's almost time!! Congrats - you look so happy and healthy.

I love those storage units-lvoe the colors and it's so easy to stay organized with those.

2 yrs without your mama?? It sounds like you will have lots of hugs and stories to share.

conversatioincaelis said...

Where do you watch 17 kids and counting in Germany? We have a Satellitenschüssel and I would love to watch the show!

This "before-birth-feelings" - I know exactly how that is! Glad, your mother comes to see you - that will surely help! And I made the experience that some days before the baby is born my feelings kind of calm down - it's still everything very exciting, but it doesn't make me afraid anymore. I just want to have that baby... LOL!

Greetings to you!

Lost in Translation said...

I forgot to mention, I am not sure if they are still there but they used to have the episodes on youtuibe as well, and that is accessable without anything exra. :)

Lost in Translation said...

There are legal US movie rental and streaming companies that you pay a monthly fee to subscribe to starting at 8 dollars a month such as netflix. The stream tvs hows, documentaries, and movies online. They do not have evrything but a pretty broad collection.

The other legal option, is to get the british TV via sky,even without subscribing you can pick up a lot of free channels. Or you can get packages.

Another option is kabel which has english add ons, but every place has different variety of programming.


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