Friday, November 5, 2010

The truth about poop- Series Intro

Title sure got your attention didn't it. After many many moths of fighting to get accurate and applicable information about cloth diapering, I decided to share my info on this blog. Now as I started to write my accumulated info I realized I better break it up or I may have a book sized entry. Hehe.

So this will be a once a week series addressing various aspects of cloth diapering. I will post once every Friday. Now I cannot say how long it will run , we will just wing it. I will of course keep up with my other subject matter so have no fear you can skip these if they are of no interest for you. but I need to get back in the swing of blogging any who. I have been slacking and that makes me sad.

Feel free to email me any questions on the subject at

So lets jump right in:

Cloth diapers, you mean those pieces of cloth that people put on babies bottoms and get covered in poo? Or you mean those fancy pre-assembled ones that cost like 30 bucks a pop right? Oh those start up fees, it costs hundreds if not a thousand just to start right?


Wrong. That is where I was about 6 months ago. Cloth diapering was not for me. It meant poop and scrapping and gross stained diapers and it was hard and dirty and expensive. Well at least in my mind it was. That was until I actually took the time to really take a look at cloth and the advantages it could have for my family. But you know what that was not the final bit of info that pushed me of the fence. It was the reality that cloth diapering need not be so expensive and even me a mom with a buget and frugal lifestyle could find a way to do it.

This is not a series about why cloth diapers are better. Why people who choose not to use them are bad. Nor am I saying this is an all inclusive turorial of all cloth options. This is just my journey into cloth diapering and what worked for me, and hopefully you can gain something out of it.

I hope you will join me :)


Tessie of Germany said...

I actually cloth diapered my youngest. I was scared out of it with my oldest. It wasn't a big deal at all after I picked out the type of diaper I wanted to use and learned what cleaning system worked best for me. That is the most important part of the whole adventure I think. Good Luck!

newmami_rgv said...

I to cloth diaper and have been posting about cloth diapers as well. I am posting tips, stories and pictures to help those who are just starting out or want to know more information. Check out my blog, The Mommy Blog. I hope you update soon on how it's going.


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