Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter plans and meal plan

What are your plans for Easter this year?

We will be dying eggs tonight. Tomorrow we will do a small easter egg hunt for teenie. Not sure if I will do that outside in the courtyard or inside. Just a small easter basket from the easter bunny and sadly no crafts or cookies, but I hope to be more organized next year.

So here is a look at our Easter and Easter monday meal plans

Easter Sunday:
Breakfast: Flaky biscuits with country gravy and sausage links

Lunch: Egg salad

Pork cutlets with apple and onion marinade
Steamed carrots
Sweet potatoes with brown sugar and marshmallow

Carrot cake with Philadelphia icing
Lemon cake

Easter Monday:
Breakfast: Eierkuchen with fruit salsa

Lunch: Left overs

Dinner: Eggs and potatoes in mustard sauce

Dessert: Left overs from Sunday and muffins


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