Monday, June 9, 2008


Me in the mosaic ladies room
Me and toni at the top of the southern tower
View from teh gates of the castle
Me in luthers room

Heide Park

We had a fun day at Heide park. We started the day by riding the biggest wooden roller coster in teh world, which has the guiness book world record for largest slope at 61 degree drop. I about shit myself as I looked ahead and saw only teh ground fastly approaching. You can see the collasses in the picture below. Then we all know the horrifying story about serenas terror on teh waterslid, I hope to get the image up soon. This picture is me and marriana ona ride that lifts you up abouve the park from which I took the pic below.

That was one hell of a ride.

Me and Toni. Hot and sweaty. LOL.


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