Saturday, May 30, 2009


Rudy and Jerry. The one on the left is the boy, the one on the right is the girl. The girl rides around on my shoulder.
This is Rudy playing. She loved to try to pick thing up and throw them off the countertops. 
And she really loves coins lol. 

So these are my little buddies. They keep my company. Scream the the top of their lungs and piss me off, but I love them. They are great. 

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Apartment with Furniture- Part 2 Kitchen/ Hall/ Bedroom

Well I hope you enjoyed the tour. As I said I will add more photos later with bathroom and garden shots. 
The other side of the room with the tv and birds. 
My chaos of accessories.
This is our bedroom.
This is the view of the hall from the front door into the kitchen. 
This is the other side of the kitchen. My oven, dishwasher, and sink.

Apartment with Furniture- Part 1 Living room/ Kitchen

So here is a look at the house as of today. A few pics missing. Still got to get a bathroom pac, as well as some garden photos, I will add those later.

This is the left hand side of the Kitchen. You see the little door in the wall. Our fridge, microwave, table, and my lovely granny cart in the back corner lol.
Here is a straight view into the kitchen from the front hall. 
Here is the living room, Toni's desk, and my bookcase. Recognize the scroll on the wall? I got it from you dad.
The back section of the living room with Toni's desk and a sinner table.
 The other side of the living room. These are the old cupboards from our kitchen. That has become my desk, and a storage unit. Love the two bags of recycling in the middle. 

Long Overdue

So I have not posted in a while, so today will have a variety of posts from varies events, holidays ect.

I made a promise to keep this updated, and I need to start following through. So my new goal is to post at least 1 a week with a update and a photo.

We will see what happens with that.  

Love you


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