Saturday, December 11, 2010

DM Schwangerschafts Paket

Dm is now offering a pregnancy club in addition to the baby club. You can sign up during your pregnancy for freebies. At the time of sign up, after confirming your account, you are given a coupon to take into the store to pick up a gift box.

I just got mine and it included:
* A full sized house brand pregnancy massage cream (Babylove Mama Massagecreme)
* 5 Euro gift certificate (no minimum purchase)
* A welcome letter
* A info brochure with pregnancy tips and product suggestions
* A coupon book valued at over 15 euro

My coupon book included:
* ,60€ off 2,95 Babylove Mama Massagecreme (massage cream)
* 2,00€ off 9,95 Weleda Damm-Massageöl (Perineum massage oil)
* 1,00€ off 4,75 Bübchen Massageöl für Schwangere (massage oil for pregnant women)
* 4,00€ off 19,95 Hipp natal Nahrungsergänzung (Prenatal dietary supplement system)
* ,60€ off 2,95 Abtei Calcium *d3 Lutschtabletten Nahrungsergänzungsmitttel (Calcium and d3 suppliment)
* ,70€ off 3,25 Taxofit Vitamin B-Komplex Nahrungsergänzungsmittel (Vitamin B supplement)
* 1,00€ off 4,45 Dopelherz aktiv Vitalstoff für Schwangere + Mütter Nahrungsergängzungsmittel (Vitamin supplement for pregnancy and motherhood)
* ,80€ off 3,95 Paradontax toothpaste
* ,60€ off 2,95 Nivea Natural oil shower gel
* ,50€ off 1,55 Dove visiblecare shower cream
* 1,00€ off 4,95 Mein Öl
* 1,00€ Guhl Prachtvoll Lang oder KOpfhaut Sensitiv Shampoo
* 1,00€ off 4,95 L'Oreal Paris Dermo-expertise hydra active 3 skin care series
* ,70€ off 3,45 Spee sensitive laundry soap
* ,40€ off 1,85 Lenor sensitiv fabric softener
* 10% off kodak 20x 30 cm Poster

all valid through 31.3.2012

Overall I thought this was a pretty cool set, it was one of the ones I was most excited about due to the 5 dollar gift certificate. Thats almost a full pack of house brand diapers.

I am excited to see what they offer in the baby welcome packet.

Check out more freebies for expecting and new parents here

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