Monday, December 13, 2010

Meal plan monday- Dec 13, 2010

It is that time again. Here is my meal plan for the week. You will notice more meals are planned as Hubby is on vacation and my mom is here now.  Also being 9 months pregnant I could eat a small horse so we are eating more often and it changes a bit based on what sounds or smells good lol.

I wanted to start out by reflecting on how last weeks meal plan worked out.
Mon- Thurs was abendbrot

Friday we did have the pasta with baguettes, but instead of salad we had Brussels sprouts. I had a small accident in the fridge and milk exploded over all my produce and I was not about to eat produce soaked in milk.

Saturday we ended up eating some Berliners for breakfast, the donuts not the people no need for concern, then we had a coffee and Mcdonalds at the airport later in the morning. Lunch got skipped. Dinner was leberkase, rotkohl and an attempt a Knödel. I ended up only need one package of leberkase so I have another one left for another meal made the dinner even cheaper. I screwed up the knödel, normally Toni makes them, and he failed to tell me to start will cold water, so we ended up with knödel smash, which at least tasted good. 

Sunday Toni made German eierkuchen (pancakes/crepe like dish) for breakfast. We were at the Weinachtsmarkt (Christmas market) at lunch time so we ate out. My mom and I shared a piece of Pizza and Toni had his own. He then had a steak brötchen and we shared a Bratwurst and kinder mulled wine (alcohol free). We had planned döner for dinner, but since we ate out we were not ready to eat again and its not a dish that sits well or reheats so we will eat that at a later time. Instead we had chicken noodles soup (canned) and warm rolls.

So the eating out was not in the budget, but at the same time we skipped Döner so it only ended up being off by a few euro and it was a special occasion so well worth it. First weinachts market in over 25 years gotta make that special :)

So here is a look at my plan for this week: (obviously subject to change if teenie makes an appearance)

Breakfast- Maple and brown sugar oatmeal Rena + mom, Belegetes brot Toni
Lunch- Sandwiches and my mom and me had pretzels as a snack while waiting for Toni
Dinner: Curry wurst with french fries (pregnancy craving)

Breakfast: Toast and bananas Rena + mom, belegtes brot Toni
Lunch: Egg Salad
Dinner: Abendbrot
Breakfast: yogurt- Rnea, oatmeal mom, belegtes brot Toni
Lunch: Baked potatoes with quark
Dinner: Abendbrot

Breakfast: Cereal Rena + mom, belegtes brot Toni
Lunch:Asian noodles
Dinner: Abendbrot

Breakfast: Oatmeal Rena + mom, belegtes brot Toni
Lunch: Sandwiches with veggies
Diner: Eggs and potatoes with mustard sauce

Breakfast: Omlettes
Lunch: Sandwiches with fruit
Dinner: Peppersteak and fried rice

Breakfast: Rolls
Lunch: Sandwiches with veggies
Dinner: Fish sticks, potatoes and a veggie
Dessert: Apple Strudel
And I thought I would leave you with this pic, it was also taken by the friend who did the maternity photos. I think it is just lovely. I plan to blow it up and frame it.

Make sure you stop by Orgjunkie for over 300 weekly meal plans from real folks. And leave me a link to yours, I love new meal ideas.


Pussyfoots said...

You meal plan sounds great. I still eat my main mean around noon. LOL
Enjoy your remaining days. Love ya, Diane =^.^=

Lola_P said...

Your meals sound so yummy.. You also make me want to visit Germany so much! LOL


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