Monday, December 13, 2010

Schlecker Baby Club Begrüssungspaket

Next one arrived today from Schlecker's Baby club  and this one was pretty cool too. Have I mentioned that surprises, things in the mail and freebies are a few of my favorite things?

This set had:
* A sample of NUK Spül Reiniger (bottle and nipple wash)
* A pouch of Tetesept Entsoannungs Bad (therapy bath)
* A sample 50 ml bottle of Bübchen kinder shampoo
* A full sized Shogetten Vollmich-Schokolade (Candy bar)
* A copy of Leben and Erziehen magazine (living & parenting) with a special offer supscribe to the magazine for 23.88 and get a free 20 euro schlecker gift card, so in the end 43,88 in value for 23,88.
* A pair of socks from Pampers
* A mullwindel (German gauze diaper)
* A packet of Hipp Feucht- Tücher (babywipes)
* A small ,25l Frucht Tiger apfel-erbeer juice
* A 3 euro gift card
* A 40 ml sample bottle of Penaten Intensiv Lotion
* A schlecker baby product catalog
* An advert for some random baby items clothing
* A coupon book valued at 31 euro in savings

The coupon book had the following coupons:
* 10€ off 22,95 fr an a4 hardcover photobook
* ,50€ off Babay smile Nature Gesichts- & Pflegecreme 75ml (Face and body cream)
* ,50€ off Babysmile Sensitive Panthenol Hautschutzcreme 100ml (skin protection cream)
* ,50€ off Babysmile Kopf bis Fuß Waschgel 500ml (head to toe baby wash)
* ,50€ off MAM My first Silikon pacifier
* ,50€ off Erstes Zähnchen Baby Zahnpasta (baby toothpaste)
* ,50€ off Nenedent Kinderzahncreme 50ml (Childrens toothpaste)
* ,50€ off HIPP Babysanft Washgel Haut & Haar 400ml (Hair and body wash for babies)
* ,50€ off HIPP Babysanft Intensivcreme Wnd & Wetter 50ml (wind and weather cream)
* 1,00€ off Bübchen Baby Bad 1000ml (Babybath)
* 1,00€ off Bübchen Creme Pflegebad 400 ml (creamy bath)
* 1,00€ off Bübchen Baby shampoo 400 ml
* ,80€ off Bübchen Calendula Gesichtspfelege 75 ml (face cream)
* ,80€ off Bübchen Wind & Wettercreme 75 ml (wind & weather cream)
* ,50€ off Penaten Stilleinlagen 30er (nursing pads)
* 1,00€ off Penaten Bad & Shampoo Kopf bis Fuß 400ml (head to toe baby wash)
* ,75€ off Penaten Pflegecreme Gesicht & Körper 100 ml (face and body cream)
* ,50€ off Penaten creme 50 ml
* ,75€ off Penaten Shampoo Gländes Haar 250 ml
* 1,00€ off Penaten Plege Öl 200 ml (Baby oil)
* ,75€ off Penaten Lotion Tücher 4er Vorteilspack (lotion wipes)
* ,75€ off Penaten Sensitiv-Tücher 4er Vorteilspack (sensitive wipes)
* ,50€ off NUK Kühlbeißring-set (cooling teething set)
* ,50€ off NUK First Choice Flaschensauger Latex Verschiedene Größen (nipples Latex)
* ,50€ off NUK First Choice Flaschensauger Silikon verschiedene Größen (nipples silicon)
* ,50€ off NUK Genius Beruhigungssauger Silikon verschiedene Größen (pacifier silicon)
* 1,00€ off NUK Junior Cup mit Push-Pull-Tülle
* ,50€ off HIPP Bio-Milchbrei Kindergrieß 500 g (Organic childrens oatmeal)
* ,30€ off HIPP Gemüse 190g verschiedene Sorten (baby veggies)
* ,50€ off HIPP Tee 400g verschiedene Sorten (Tea)
* 1,00€ off Humana Folgenmilch 3 500g vershiedene Sorten (Forumla)
* 1,00€ off Humana Schlummermilch 500g (Forumla)
* ,40€ off Humana Brei ohne Milch 250 g verschiedene Sorten (Dairy free oatmeal)
* ,40€ off Humana Milchbrei 350g verschiedene Sorten (Oatmeal)
* ,40€ off Humana Schlummerbrei 250g vershiedene Sorten (some variation of oatmeal)
* 1,50€ off Humana HA 2 500g (Forumla)
* 1,50€ off Humana HA 3 500g (Forumla)
* 2,00€ off Humana Folgenmilch 2 100g Sparpack (Forumla)
* ,20€ off Humana Babywasser 1,5L  (water)
* ,50€ off Edelweiss Milchtucker 500g (milk sugar)
* ,30€ off Kölln Schmelzflocken 250g (oatmeal of some sorts)
* ,50€ off Alete Greisbrei Vanille oder keks 4x 100g
* ,50€ off Alete Mahlzeit zum Trinken 2x 200ml verschiedene Sorten

All good through 12/31/2011

Babysmile is the Schlecker house brand offering a variety of baby products and diapers. Check out their prices on my diaper price comparison, and coming soon my baby care products price comparison.

The baby club is free and you can sign up on their website here

Check out other freebies for expecting and new parents here

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Michelle said...

Pft, all I got was formula and diapers here. No chocolate, which I think is what companies SHOULD be giving pregnant women!


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