Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sundays in my city - 34 weeks

I know its been like 101 years since I have done one but here we are with a sundays in my city post, woot.

Unknown Mami

Our Sunday has been pretty quit working on our final preperations for baby number two, who will be making HIS arrival in as soon as 3 weeks. Man time flies.

So I have been working on the house and one area I have putting a lot of work into is the boys rooms. its not 100% the way I want it but a long way from where we started. You will immediatly notice only one crib, thats because baby will be in our room, and yes as you can imagine 2 beds in that room will be a challange but we will face that hurdle as it comes. As of now teenie thinks the crib is the antichrist anyway and sleeps with us, so lets consider this more a non sleeping room lol.

So lets begin our tour.

This is the entry way, see that cool thing on the wall thats a water doodle, that has never been used because I cannot find where my child stuck those damn pens. He prefers to take real pens to the wall or couch. I had hoped the baby gate would be a good idea so I could coral him when I needed to do laundry or so, he views it as a prison not so much.

This is the view as you come into the room. As you see the curtainless windows are one thing I have not yet finished. On the left is what is supposed to be Teenies bed, he really only plays  in there. The diaper stacker on the end is waiting for a hook on the wall. This is the far wall where most all the toys live.

This is the back wall tall cupboard is clothing, little blue pail is for any time we use disposables or have ucky wipes.  Again need some curtains.

This is the fourth wall where our diapers, books, and some bigger toys like playmobile, blocks, and duplos live. I would like to do something with the wall above the expedit.

and the crib wall. Eventually a little coat rack will hang where that chair is and again I would love to add a wall sticker up on the wall or something

Here are some detailed pics of our organization of 2 under 2.
This is where our toys live, aside from those items in the expedit and a small bin in the living room, we do not have a play room. Teenie is perfectly content with a small collection of toys he loves. Were quantity to become an issue we would rotate toys.

This is the expedit. It houses things like spit rags and receiving blankets in the green bin, you see a fe cubes of books (we will need a bookshelf eventually), a few with toys and blocks, and a few with baby supplies sleep sacks and diapering supplies like wipes and liners

On top of the expedit is where our diapers live, both boys are (or will be cloth diapered).

On the left in the ikea bins are 2 wth small and bigger prefolds, one is missing with extra inserts and trainers, and on top that little tray holds boosters, disposable liners, fleece liners ect.

Blue basket is wipes and green bin our pocket diapers which are our primary diapers.

next bin is newborn diapers and fitteds for night time. The right bin has inserts waiting to go in diapers and supplies like swim diapers, wetbags.

Blue drawers house changing supplies like snappies, wipe cubes, creams ect. On the right bottom bin is covers and top is lonelysocks waiting for their partners

The hanging white chain houses stuffed animals. Thise things procreate faster then bunnies in spring we limit how many are allowed. New in old out.Only keeping favorites. I have this chain and a small bin by the crib plus a few allowed in bed. The blue hanging organizor holds baby tights, baby leggings, hats, mittens, and things of that nature

And both boys share one cupboard. Right is toddler, left is newbie.

And for good measure here is me today. No I do not want to talk about the sweats and white socks :P

How was your Sunday?

P.S. If anyone can tell me how to rotate pics here I would greatly approciate it.


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