Monday, November 29, 2010

Meal plan monday

It's that time again. I am gonna be honest with you folks, over these next few weeks its gonna be a lot of quick and easy and convenience foods.  At 8 and a half months I just do not have the energy and motivation to cook standard recipes. :)

Mon: Bratkartoffeln and spinach taschen

Tue - Thursday will be abend brot.

Friday- Baked potatoes with chili and cheese

Saturday- Breakfast: omelets
                Lunch: Sandwiches
                Dinner: Pasta with a side salad and baguette (carry over)

Sunday: Breakfast: Rolls
              Lunch: Soup and Baguette
              Dinner- Sloppy Joes with french fries and peas (carry over)
              Dessert- I am thinking those apple pockets were pretty darn good

I will add the shopping list up in a few days. And hubby has been warned not to chuck the receipt this time lol.

Already on hand:
Chili- I got a can at lidl left over from mexican week
Shredded cheese
Frozen rolls
Frozen cold cuts and cheese
tomato paste
hamburger buns
french fries
Past and sauce
Bell pepper


Morgenmuffel said...

What are Apple Pockets? They sound deliciously like something I want to try lol.

Lost in Translation said...

Its a German pastry called apfel taschen. Its blätterteig on the outside and apple filling on the inside. Kind of like a mcdonalds apple pie.

They sell them at bakeries, but we buy the frozen ones at netto.

lytha said...

i saw you on toytown today!



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