Monday, November 22, 2010

Meal plan monday

It is that time again. I like to post what I actually end up spending, but my prenatal class is on Monday nights and now they added the prenatal acupuncture as of today so no chance to go shopping. So that will come in a second post this week and I will link it back to this one :)

So you already know Mon- Thursday: Abendbrot (I still have a post about this in the works check back)

Friday: Spaghetti with salad and baguette

Breakfast -Bratkartoffeln (didn't happen last weekend)
lunch- Soup w/ Baguette
dinner- Bacon cheese burgers with Baked potatoes

Breakfast - Eierkuchen (again carry over last weekend we did rolls instead)
Lunch - Sandwiches
Dinner- Gulasch with noodles and veggie
Dessert- TBD

I plan to shop at Netto again this week, they have the best deals especially on meats.

I forgot to mention, I discovered our Edeka no longer carries Macaroni & Cheese, I think a small piece of my soul died in that moment of discovery. :(

Afterthought: I realize some people may wonder about the lack of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is not a celebrated holiday here it is a normal work day. I had not planned to cook as it is too much work at 8 and a half months pregnant. I did however make plans with another expat who is due just 2 days after m, to get together in December and cook a Thanksgiving meal (scaled down of course) together. Of course that will depend if either teenies decide to make any early appearances :P If so we may be having a very delayed Thanksgiving lol.

And make sure you stop by for hundreds of other meal ideas each week.

 Update: Mr. Lost in translation left my receipt in the grocery wagon and try as I might, I cannot reconstruct all prices my apologies. Our total food costs were about 50 euro this week.  In addition we spent a little extra on household items on sale like the aluminum padding for behind the heater and a bathroom mat :)

I told him if he throws it away again hes grounded :P

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