Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Meal plan (Wednesday)

Better late then never right. I am not even going to lie, my meal plans are all over the place. My habits my systems are mad at the moment, so do not rely on consistency here lol.

Mon- Jambalaya. A friend gave me a rice mix and I added nuremburgers and a can of kidney beans. It was really good and I would like to try making it from scratch since I cannot get the mixes here.

Tue- Mcdonalds. I wanted a 1955 burger and they were sold out, I will not lie I enjoyed the Big mac equally as much.

Wensday- Abendbrot

Thursday- Abendbrot

Friday- Linsen (lentil) soup over spatzle (fresh egg noodles)with mixed veggies and a baguette

Saturday- Breakfast: Bratkartoffeln (fried potatoes) with onion, egg, and cubed bacon
                Lunch: Sandwiches with veggies strips
                Dinner: Asian pepper pork with rice

Sunday- Breakfast: Eierkuchen (similar to a pancake)
               Lunch: Sandwiches and fruit
               Dinner: I am using a knorr style seasoning packet for a ground beef dish with mushrooms over
                pasta, with peas and rolls
               Cake: Apple taschen (apple pockets)

My total grocery costs were 41 euro. (Some items were already on hand)
Plus 13 Mcdonalds

Total: 54 Euro. Thats an average of 2,57 per meal (But keep in mind I have many items I keep stocked on sale in the pantry that keep our food costs down). Plus a few of these will last more then 1 week.

Groceries bought at Netto:
Bell pepper (3 colored pack on sale for .66 cents x2)
Potatoes (5 kilo on sale for 1,49)
Cucumber (.89)
Lemons (.59)
Clementine oranges (1.19)

Milk (.50 x2)
Eggs (1.29)
Cheese (Butterkase 1.89) ( Kase Aufschnitt 1.19)
Spatzle (.89)
Yogurt 500g (1,19)
Noodle salad (.79)
Gruetze (1.25)

Cubed pork (2.79)
small ham chunks (1.69) This is enough for 2 meals
tee wurst (on sale for .88)
Motadella slices (.69)
Puten salami ( on sale for .97)
Knackwurst (on sale for 1.49)
Smoked salmon (2,99)
Cheese filled sausages precooked (2,79)

Veggie mix (.49)
Appfeltaschen (1,49)

Garlic Baugette (.39)
Weizenmischbrot (.99)
Toast bread (.45)

Linsen soup (.69)
kidney beans (.29)

Chip mix (1.99)
snack mix (.99)
cookies  (.99)
chocolates (.79 x2)

Misc items:
shaving cream (1.15)
Oatmeal (.35)
Maxi pads (noname .55) For nachsorge

Note: I had the following items on hand-
Jamabalaya mix
can of kidney beans
Package of Nuremburger Sausages
Beef Bullion
Ground ginger
Soy sauce
Some eggs
Ground beef
Beef seasoning packet
Canned peas
Normal seasonings: Salt, pepper, and commonly used spices

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lytha said...

your budgeting is commendable! i am trying so hard, but unable to drop the monthly aldi bill below 300. : (

not trying hard enough, you'd probably say. what am i doing wrong? i rarely buy pre-packaged foods. i make baked chicken a lot, and spaghetti.

today the bofrost man came by to try to get us to sign up for delivered frozen foods. it was all twice as expensive as the grocery store, and the ice cream selection was totally lame. i think if you're a frozen foods provider, you need to have at least 15 of 31 flavors! geez.

i just added more water to our chicken-carcass soup, to try to stretch one more meal out of it.

i read your food plans eagerly, hoping for new ideas and possibilities for me in germany.



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