Monday, November 15, 2010

Left behind

I know I forgot the Sunday in my city week 35 update. No worries pictures are a coming.

I was actually inspired by another expat blogger over at I'll fly away after she posted about the kitties she left behind.

I think that is one of the hardest things about moving is leaving our small friends behind. I know that some people can bring pets and many do, but for man it is not an option. To this day I often wonder if I made the right choices because sometimes I miss them so much. So I thought I would share some of my memories with you.

The little white siamese one is Napolean. About a year before I left he went to live with a friend. She later had to give him away and I have no info on what ever happened to him. I miss him a lot he was such a little sweetheart.

But the little black one bettie, who I called poopie was my best friend. I had her with me until the day I left. She went to live with my friend Amy and she is still with her today. They bring each other so much joy and that brings great comfort. But I would be lying if I did not say that there were many a days that I wished I had brought her with me.

I saw her and fell in love. A friends cat had kittens and I had to bribe them to give me that baby kitty. She was so small she used to curl up inside my shoes.

She was so much fun she followed me everywhere. Came when I called her. She was an amazing companion and an wonderful friend. I am happy that I still get to see her in pictures and I know that she is loved by someone I love.

I have had cats since I was little. It has been a regular part of my life and they bring me so much joy. It is something that I have always felt lacking since I have been here. I keep hoping that one of these days Toni will come home with a kitten to surprise me. I am sure baby Luca would love her just as much as I do :)

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lytha said...

your cats look way nicer than mine. mine is a wild thing and i cannot convince her to let me hold her, or even to sit on my lap! but just today as i was cleaning manure out of my pasture, she followed me around and i told her, "you know, you really are a good pal. you give me company when i'm all alone. you're not the best cat by far, but you do keep me company."

i appreciate her, and hope someday she lets us cuddle her.

i always say, "are you a nice kitty, you're a nice kitty!" to try to convince her that perhaps she could be a nice kitty.

on the other hand, bringing my horse to germany was quite the undertaking. mostly though, expensive. *sigh*



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