Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rena's baby pool

Update: Use the measurements you are accustomed to, pounds or kilograms :)

After a very disheartening experience on one of my commonly used forums, I decided to place my baby pool here where I have absolute power (Insert the big brother voice from ET here).

No really though, I never understand the negativity and hostility of some people in this world but we will save that for another post and another day. This is supposed to bring back the fun :)

This is teenie as of Sunday at 36 weeks, as you see his is not so teenie anymore.

Rumors are a swirling that that there are suspicions of an early appearance yet others swear first babies are always late. So lets see which ones of you have the magic foresight :P

So here are the facts as we know them:
Baby boy name Luca
Due December 19, 2010
First baby

Now it is your turn:
Date of birth....
Time of birth....
Length of labor....
Natural or epidural....

So lets get this party started.


Morgenmuffel said...

Oh I say sod them, whoever those mean people are! Here are my completely unqualified random predictions lol:

Date of birth.... 10th December
Time of birth.... 7:28pm
Length of labor.... 12 minimally painless hours
Natural or epidural.... Natural
Weight.... 3.3 Kilos
Length.... 49 cm

Hopefully that isn't wishing anything too painful on you, not having been in labour myself I only remember the bad stories like my friend Shelly having a 14.6 pound baby boy, ouchies >.< Or the opposites like my Friend Emma who was in labour with her first born for 3 hours and went home about 20 minutes afterwards, madness, she was possible the most organised person I have ever known so was quite fitting lol.

Whatever happens it is going to be the most amazing feeling when they put Luca in your arms for the first time and Daddy is going to be so proud of his beautiful wife! :D

Lost in Translation said...

Thanks Morgen.

I also posted this on facebook and my other forums so I will consolidate entries here so it is easier to look and see who is closest :)

So here is from Randy via facebook:

Date of birth.... 10th December
Time of birth.... 5:36am
Length of labor.... 10.5 hours
...Natural or epidural.... natural
Weight.... 3.08 Kilos
Length.... 50.5 cmSee More

cath said...

Here are my predictions Rena...

Date of birth....December 22
Time of birth....5AM
Length of labor....10 hours
Natural or epidural....epidural
Weight....7.5 lbs
Length....20 inches

I don't convert well to kg or cm, that wasn't taught in school to my generation! :D Good Luck!

Lost in Translation said...

No problem Cath.

Here is another one Ashley via facebook:
Date of birth....December 6th
Time of birth....2:30am
Length of labor....6 hours
Natural or epidural....Epidural
Weight....3.9 Kg
Length....53.5 cm

Anonymous said...

Hi Serena!
Don't let anyone bother you!

Here my predictions:

Date of birth....18th December - just because it's my birthday ;-)
Time of birth....11:15 am (before shifts change again)
Length of labor....10:45 hours
Natural or epidural....natural
Weight....3,6 kg
Length....52 cm

I wish you all the best for the last few days of pregnancy and for the first time with your little boy!

Lola_P said...

Date of birth.... 12/24
Time of birth.... 0415 am
Length of labor.... 12 hours (sorry :-) )
Natural or epidural.... Natural
Weight.... 8 pounds 7.5 ounces
Length.... 20 1/2 inches.

I can't wait to see pictures of your beautiful babe. I love his name.

Lawauna (from the CHK board)


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