Monday, November 16, 2009

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate that is the question here

The Swine flu......dun dun dun.... We are all going to die right? A global pandamic, one marked with fear world wide. But is the fear actually rational? I mean how many people die yearly from the standard flu, and you sure don;t see people robbing armored trucks to steal the yearly flu vaccine.

I mean yeah I get it, it is a new strain and is attacking a previously safe age group. So yeah it is a bit scary. Don't get me wrong, but I do thing the media is as biased as ever, and for once we need to form educated opinions on our own.

So to vaccinate or not? No one can answer that for you, but it does make for an interesting discussion, and I would love to hear your points of view, so here are ours.

Hubby recently received the H1n1 shot, after a women at his work (hospital) came down with the Swine flu. Now I understand that when working in a hospital environment it makes since to be vaccinated, many jobs require this.

So the big too do, side effects. Well here is what happened to him. He got the shot 8 am and by noon felt like crap, he came home early. He was tired and his arm hurt like hell. The next morning he went back to work and came home after an hour. He had a elevated fever, but I wouldn't even call it a fever. Just a overall sense of crappiness. He stayed home a few days, each day feeling a bit better and plans to return to work Monday. In the end, you feel like crap for a few days but nothing too serious.

Then comes me, I have not gotten the vaccine, nor have I formulated an opinion as to if I actually want to. My doctor seems to suggest against it. Now I am not in an at risk group. If I was for example pregnant, I would get the vaccine. But I am stuck now in the position of deciding if I want to or not. I have never in my life had even a normal vaccine against the flu, and have perhaps only once as a child actually had a serious case. Other then a few stomach bugs here and there.

So what is your take on the swine flu and the vaccine, will you or wont you get the shot?

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