Saturday, November 14, 2009

I think I set a new record

We went shopping today and purchased food for 8 days (minus a few items needed from other stores) for a wopping total of 28.59. Originally 6.25 more, but we brought back bottles.

So here is my method:
1. Normally I sit down every sunday and look for the shop with the best deals. I used to try to go to every store to get the cheapest of items, but hubby would always see something he wanted. So I challenged him I said give me one week and we only buy what is on my list plan the meals and eat what we planned, and this was our result.

2. Always take back bottles, we do it every week or 2 weeks since hubby drinks so much water. I do not count this in the total since it is already money paid, ie this weeks will go toward next week.

3. When regular items are on sale buy a few more, it cuts off the later need at a higher price.

4. Plan your meals based on the items you already have on hand, and build your stash with just a few extra items per week, it only costs a few bucks more and saves in the end.

5. When you can use coupons. I have not found so many here, but I do use them when I come across them.

So here is my 8 days of meals for 28 Euro

Breakfast: Weekdays- Yogurt or cereal Saturday- American breakfast Hashbrowns and Eggs, Sundays- German breakfast hot rolls with wurst

Lunches- Sandwiches, or misc odds and end funf minuten terrainen, salad, left overs

Snacks- Bananas, 99 cent cracker mixes, bagel crackers, and cheese twists

Desserts (weekend only) canned fruit, and a cake

Dinners (9 total)
1. 2x Soup and krauter bread (I buy this in the can it is only 85 cents cheaper then self made and I buy the frozen break two loafs for 78 cents)

2. BLT's and french fries

3. Asian stir fry with rice (I buy the cheap noodle mixes and add rice)

4. Fish filets, spinach and potatoes

5. Spatzle with jager sauce, butter veggies, and salad

6. Salad with Tuna

7. Tortilleni with bread and salad (I buy the frozen mx all ready just cook for 1,79.)

8. Mexian fahitas (I paid teh most for this, but it was mexican week I bought a burrito set for 1.79, and a mix with marinated fresh meat and veggies for 2,89)

I will have to pick up a few missed items under 5 euro at our local store
rice, water, sunday cake, and one can of fruit

For the longest time hubby insisted we eat only a few hot meals a week. He insisted cooking hot costs to much. Luckily h got sick of so much bread and took up my challenge. Even up until the moment we paid he insisted the costs would be over 50 euro, he was flabergasted. But happy, that with the right amount of planning you can eat hot every day of the week and super cheap. So I will try to keep this up and let you guys know how it goes.

As you know right now we are in a pinch so we have to live frugally, but I think either way it is a good skill to have, and while I am sure when we can we will spend more on food, I will try to keep up saving money by careful planning. That just leaves extra money for those special moments or long awaited purchases :)

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