Thursday, March 4, 2010


Its like every grown up little girls dream come true. :D


Sonya said...

I'm soooooo excited about this movie!!! Im a BIG old school disney movie fan and this is the just the movie I wanted to see come to life!

Lost in Translation said...

I absolutely love Tim Burton. And I am ecstatic that they are doing a world wide release date, nothing is more of a bummer then hearing about how great a movie is and having to sit around another year before it makes it over here.

Sonya said...

I had no idea they were going to do a world wide release date! thats so amazing. We wait so long for things to come out here and then onto video! Are you able to watch an english version in the theatre? In the netherlands they always show an english version and then one with dutch voices.

Lost in Translation said...

No generally not. There are theaters that show english movies but mainly in big cities like Munich, Stuttgart and Berlin, ect. So for me I would have to drive to Stuttgart :(


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