Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Keep your eggs from expiration

Let me quickly apologize for the lack of photos. I just found this blog activity and decided to participate, next week I will plan in advance with some fab photos :)

Nothing is worse then throwing away expired foods. No one has money to waste these days.

So here is a tip for keeping your eggs from expiring.

Freeze them!

Eggs can not be frozen whole, they need to be beaten or separated first.

They last up to 3 months in the freezer. Always note the date and quantity of eggs with a label before freezing.

Just thaw and they are ready to use :)

How great is that!

Heres a few tips:
1. One great way to do this is in a ice cube tray. This method is great if you want to separate egg whites and yokes. Make sure you add a tad bit of salt to the yolks to keep the consistency.

2. Combine eggs by serving. With a small container you can freeze beaten eggs together. Pull them out, thaw them out, and fry them up or include them in any recipe as you would fresh eggs.

Do you have any kitchen tips?

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