Friday, March 5, 2010

Childhood wishes

Do you ever have those days when you come across something and then glash back to your childhood and that ever present wish to complete something. I don't mean the grow up to be a millionare or fly to the moon kind of thing, but the little things that we wished to do as kids. Today I had one of those days when I cam across something and was just filled with memories of being a child and wishing so hard you could do something, and then as an adult reflecting and thinking maybe I will actually follow through with that child hood dream.

So here are a few of my childhood wishes that I would love to still follow through:

1. I have always wanted a vintage style wooden doll house. You know the kinds where you buy the little miniatures and set up the rooms. I don't think I would want to paint it all myself as I would forever be burdened by my flaws, perhaps someday I will find a premade one, or resort to building and painting one myself.

2. I always wanted to learn how to do beading on a beading loom.

3. I wanted to learn how to sew, and I do even more so now. Not so much clothing, but household items and craft projects.

4. I always dreamed of having my own craft room, full with endless craft supplies and an architects table, and a sewing table.

5. I always dreamed of having a big cushioned window seat that I could curl up in and read a book.

6. I wanted to learn how to make my own jewelry.

7.  I was obsessed with little women and dreamed of having a vintage style home filled with antiques.

8. I dreamed of having a library in my home, you know with the floor to ceiling shelfs and the ladders on wheels.

9. I wanted to collect every disney movie

10. I wanted to play those little instruments that look like  harp, but flat and you slide the music sheets under them

11. I always wanted sea monkeys and an ant farm

12. I always wanted a vanity with lights and a dressing area like the broadway stars had

Ok, ok, so maybe they are not all achievable, but I still wish for them all and a girl can dream right. :)

And just for fun, here are 5 things from my childhood I would never be caught dead with :D

1. A bedazzler, great for those jean vests (oh but I loved mine)

2. Those huge bulky beads you made out of clay that looked god awful.

3. Hansen brother, and oh was I obsessed with them haha

4. candy raver style jewelry

5. Mary kate and ashley olsen cds, yes they made music back in the day

so what are your lingering childhood dreams?

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