Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Renas Depression era cooking challenge- meal plan

This is for next week the week of the 21st ;)

I thought I would go ahead and share my meal plan and links to recipes I found. You are more then welcome to use my finds, or a quick google search will pull up tons of recipes. This post will include the meal plan and recipe links. Tomorrow I will post the grocery list.

Throughout the challenge I will post daily with pictures, and meal costs, and at the end of the week I will post an overall wrap up with total grocery costs and final thoughts.

This week I am only doing the meals I normally cook at home, I mentioned in an earlier post that later this yea I will expand that and do a whole week with all meals from depression era recipes. I plan to order some cook books off amazon.

Meal Plan
Sunday: Breakfast- Depression breakfast- coffee and cookies
              Lunch- Egg drop soup
              Dinner- Poor Mans feast
              Dessert: Baked Apples

Monday: Dinner- Pasta with peas

Tuesday: Dinner- Poormans meal

Wednesday: Dinner- 1929 Depression casserole

Thursday: Dinner- Mock filet mignon

Friday: Dinner- Tuna, Macaroni, and Cheese Casserole

Saturday: Breakfast- Sausage, milk, and toast
                Lunch- Peppers and Eggs
                Dinner- Couscous


Candee said...

Those all look really yummy! I like the look of the poormans meal - I think my kids would love that!

Sommer said...

great ideas!!!

Frau said...

Do tell what is the poor mans meal and dont you eat breakfast and lunch during the week?

Lost in Translation said...

It is a meal made from potatoes, hot dogs, and onions.

I am challenging myself to cook recipes from the depression and see what the food costs end up being.

My husband refuses to each breakfast on work days, and he eats at work. So I end up eating at home just my normal things or left overs, so I don't plan anything. I just plan the meals I prepare and cook.

For breakfast I keep yogurt, musli and things of that nature.

And then for lunch I usually eat left overs, or make something quick and easy since it is just me.

My husband likes to take a but laod of sandwhiches with just meat, cheese and butter I trying to switch him to more blanced lunches. I introduced him to more heartier american style sandwiches and subs, with veggies and meat combos and he loves that. But its a pain in the but to get him to eat any sides unless it is a pack of cookies. Haha. He is preparing me well for motherhood. I could write a book of the tings he wont eat. Sometimes he eats the hot lunches at work and I like when he does they get a full meal with a salad bar for only 2,50. Can't do it everyday, but nice as a treat once a week. Sometimes I join him too the cafeteria ladies love me and give me the employee rate, or the occasional freebie :)

Lost in Translation said...

Poor mans meal from cooking with clara

note she never gives measurements so gauge by your family size

Peel potatoes and dice indo small cubes
dices onions
and fry in oil (she used 5 potatoes and one onion)

cut up hot dogs and add to pan

then add some tomato sauce to the mix


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