Monday, March 15, 2010

Grocery Shopping in Germany

I talk a lot about the grocery prices, so I though it would be fun once in a while to share groceries. I realize the pic is a bit cluttered next time I will try to space it out more, and I will also add in priced next time so you can see individual costs of items.

Please not not seen in the photos: Potatoes, onions, 2x 6 packs water, and pork chops.

Total costs 63 Euro.
Yes that is my dishwasher, and yes those are Gwen Stefani and cabbage patch kids magnets and no I do not want to talk about it lol.

Sorry it is so cluttered, but I hope you can see ok.

1. Broetchen- German rolls. These are the kinds you have to bake before eating
2 Butterkeks- German butter biscuits, in between a cookie and a cracker
3 Lemons
4 Sliced Ham
5 Sliced Chicken Breast cold cuts
6 3x Bacon
7 French fries
8 Frozen Italian Vegetables
9 Pizza Margarita- Cheese in other words
10 Frozen Chicken Breasts
11 Frozen Broccoli mix
12 2x Croissant dough
13 3x Hackfleish- Ground beef 500g
14 carrots
15 tomato
16 tortilla chips
17 body wash
18 mexican rice
19 Johannesberry juice
20 conditioner
21 3x "American" bread
22 spaghetti noodles
23 2x Pasta sauce
24 milk
25 lettuce
26 Fleisch salat- meat salad.. no I don't eat it
27 gouda cheese
28 fish sticks
29 krauter (herb) bread 2  pack
30 Hamburger patties 16 pack
31 Cold cut cheese mix
32 bierwust- beer sausage
33 Toast cheese - in other words processed
34 eggs- in a 10  pack, not sold by the dozen here
35 Mozzarella cheese
36 Sour Cream
37 cucumber
38 strawberries
39 hamburger buns
40 margarine
41 salsa
42 fresh pumpkin seed whole wheat rolls
43 pineapple
44 kidney beans

What did you buy this week?

Heres a look at Germany check out shopping in Holland over at Home Cooking with Sonya


Sommer said...

Not anything for the next few days. I'm learning to use up what I got.

Love your posts like this.

Just want to let you know that I am having issues posting comments to your blog! I'm not ignoring your posts, just having a hard time posting replies.

Candee said...

Looks like your shopping was done at the Lidl(?) A lot of the same products! looks a lot like my groceries list! I will have to make a similar list some time after a large groceries run

Frau said...

Nice groceries, I hate how they sell onions in large quantities and potatoes. Sometime you just want one and I think you can only get that at farmers markets. I do love how they have the half loaves of bread always fresh.

Sonya said...

Is your mozzarella cheese dry or wet? I can only find the wet kind and it ticks me Im going to try and dry it out and see if I can shred it or something.

I havent done any shopping this week but will post my pics when I do!

Lost in Translation said...

Sommer- I am actually the opposite. I am so used to buying exactly what I need for the week and then getting into a bind. So I really miss the big pantries in the US. I plan to stat building a pantry stock again just buying extra of what is on sale.

Yep I did shop at lidl. I try to get everything I can at the discount chains and just the odds and ends at the bigger stores since a lot of times they have higher prices. But I have found in some cases it is the opposite, like kaufland is sometimes cheaper then lidl. So I am going to make a price list of my most common items and where the price is lowest. Every penny counts :)

Yeah I hate that too. It also bothers me that some produce is sky high in regards to price. I paid 3 euro for 2 sweet potatoes. I really miss the farmers markets back home where everything is super cheap. I went to a few here but they charged bio rates so it was as much as 3 times more then th egrocery stores. Plus a lot of times the selection is so limited to have to go to a few stores to get things, like i have a hell of a time finding even red potatoes here.

I have only found the wet kind. But I heard if you drain the water and then freeze it for an hour it shreds pretty good. I have to try that.

Candee said...

Nothing wrong with the Lidl! We do 75% or our shopping there - 25% is done elsewhere for brand name stuff that Lidl doesn't carry. We have a show here that does consumer tests between different products and the products from Lidl often come out as the best tasting or best quality/working.
I don't know if they have hygiene products in Germany's Lidl - but here in Holland they have really nice day and night creams and hand lotion. Trust me, I have used the most expensive brand names and I like the Lidl creams the best.

Lost in Translation said...

I am glad you mentioned that I will have to try them. As of now I am shipping avon from the US. My mom is an avon lady so i get cost price and she sends it in my care packages, but it is always tough when you run out and have to wait for the next one.

I really miss coupons. I do occasionally come across them here in magazines, but no major ones like in the sunday papers back home. Do you find much coupons there>

Sommer said...

@ sonya- to make the mozzarella easier to shred, freez it 30 minutes prior. hope this helps!!

Candee said...

We never see them for groceries. I do see them occasionally for our Drug Mart stores.


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