Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rant wrap up

Now that I got all that negativity out in my last post I want to clarify a few things

1. Will I take up the land lady on her offer to help me?
Yes, of course. If she wants to give me some things, or teach me some tips super. I just think the whole thing could have been handled in a much more positive tone. Had she come to me and said oh hun, I see you don't have much furniture I have some stuff in storage if you want it, I would have been totally happy. Or even hey I see you have burn rings on the stove I can teach you some tips, super. But everything is about tact and when people come across very cross, it hurts peoples feelings. And as a women and a housewife, nothing hurts me more then comments about my home, to me it is a punch in the gut. But I am appreciative of her offer, and I will of course welcome any help.

2. Is an overbearing landlord 100% negative?
Yes and no. Sure he cares about his home and wants it to be tip top, so do I that is why I pay rent monthly. But lets work together and respect one another. And fix things that matter, rather then my washer that has worked fine for a year, can't you fix the broken shower head?

3. Can cultural differences play a part?
Yes, of course. And that is why I always try to think of others points of view in a situation, but I ask for the same respect in return. Lets talk learn from one another. Maybe we can learn something new you know.

4. Why don't you just move?
Well there are a few reasons. First and foremost moving is horrible here. 98% of apartments have real estate fees meaning at time of move in you pay 2 1/2 months rent as commission. This is in addition to 2 months deposit and first months rent. So do the math 5.5 months rent plus moving costs. That is at least 2 months income.
We like our apartment and assuming we can get the issues such as mold take care of we do want to stay. The rent is low. I love having a in built kitchen with full cupboards.

5. What will you do about the mold issues?
Well this week when they come in to fix the walls they will also do the hole in the living room. I have said that I will increase heating, not to 70 degrees, but I will make sure the rooms do not get to cool. But if after doing so it is not better, I will go back and demand they reevaluate it after I have met their terms.


Sonya said...

Do they have comet in germany? lol Im trying to remember what you can use to get rid of those stains..I also use equal parts of vinegar and water to clean most of my stuff in the kitchen..there is something creepy about spraying a chemical cleaning spray on your counter tops and then placing food on there.

You can look up all sorts of cleaning products to make yourself. I spray the vinegar and water solution on the stove top, let it sit for awhile and then wipe it up.

The whole communication thing is so hard for us expats..we're not stupid but they really treat us like we are..the fact that we are americans makes it hard. Everyone wants to teach or tell us something and it usualy itsnt nice. I've also noticed alot fo germans aswell as dutch are missing their sensitivity chip and you need to build up a thick skin to deal with them.

Lost in Translation said...

I am not sure if we do I will have to take a look.


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