Thursday, March 25, 2010

My blog following policy

Lately I have had a lot of people sending me messages via networked blogs telling me they have signed up to follow mine and requesting I do the same, or offering to follow mine if I follow theirs, so I wanted to to take a moment to address my personal policy on the blogs I follow.

First and foremost, I will only follow blogs that interest me. If I am a follower of your blog, it is because I enjoy the content. I come online daily to see what is new and it is the highlight of my day reading blogs.

In terms of my followers, I only want people to follow me who likewise enjoy my content and what I have to offer via my blog.

Sure its fun to have more followers, but I really do not see the point when it is merely to boost stats. It is kind of like adding random people to your facebook just to build your mob I just do not do that.

Now that does not mean I will not check out your blogs, please do send me links and I will check out each and everyone. If I enjoy it I will follow it.

I guess the main point is, you should try to build your blog by finding readers with like mindsets who enjoy what you have to say, don't waste your time trying to have the most readers. Even if you have just a few who love what you have to say in the blogosphere, it means a whole lot more :)

So please do not hesitate to send me requests to check out your blog, but on the same token please do not approach me with the stat building request :)

1 comment:

Sonya said...

Im so with you on that one..I never follow someone just so they will follow me..I dont care what my follower numbers are..if I know that atleast one person likes what I have to say then Im set! LOL


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