Saturday, March 13, 2010

4 expat kitchen tours!!!

I accidentaly wiped out this post while trying to add my final video :( *insert tear here*

But check out the same post, bigger and better

Expat kitchen tours updated


Candee said...

I loved looking into your kitchen! Glad to see some similarities! Are bagels easy to find in Germany - in different flavours? I can find plain ones here but if I want ones of different flavours I would have to go to a specialty restaurant (an hour away) who will package a dozen up to go.

Glad I wasn't the only crazy one to do a video ;-) You are just much more brave than I am to show your beautiful face.

Sonya said...

Heeey Im coming to your house for breakfast on saturday! I have the same mix for the sausage and gravy! LOL You seriously have the smallest fridge I have ever seen! Wowie.

You have a dishwasher!!! Im soooo jealous! I dont have that at all..although I have no clue where it would even fit if I did have one. Love your magnets. I collect them from all the places I visit.

I LOVED spending time in your kitchen!!!

Lost in Translation said...

Hey ladies-
I am actually uploading one more video, we went to the grocery store and I thought it matched this theme.

I know I hate my fridge. And what upsets me so much, is now I find full size fridges for the same price we payed for that one, grrr.

I find mine at Rewe or kaufland. They cost about 99 cents for a 3 pack. I have seen plain and poppy seed. But there are some places online that sell tons of flavors including onion, which i miss so much. Let me know if you want the link.

I plan to try and make some myself. I will let you guys know how it turns out :)

I loved your fridge, even though the things were in Dutch it looks exactly the same as what we buy here. Minus the yogurt I have never seen it in such containers.

Lost in Translation said...

Dang it, my post is all funky is breaking up mid word and it wont let me fix it, grr. Can you still read it ok? Otherwise I can redo the whole thing. Let me know.

Sonya said...

It seems to be taking the edge off of the words..I can make out what you ment though.

I should of done a video too..the next one we do I will make a video. I always sound like a stuffy 12 year old on

I miss flavored bagels too..Im going to make more and try onion:)

Lost in Translation said...

Hey sonya-
I wanted to ask do you have a bread machine? I see we have some coming onsale, and I have heard they are really versatile as far as making all kinds of doughs and breads. I knowthe happy housewife even uses it for bagels and what not. Whatd o you use?

Candee said...

Sonya - if you make them - they will come! or at least I will ;-)

I'm sure your voice is just fine Sonya - everyone hates their voice - I hate mine too.

I'll take that Bagel link - at least take a look at what they have to offer!

Lost in Translation said...

here you go

Frau said...

Love the post with all your cute expats! We are really lucky our rental our refrigerator is a little bigger but no way near american style. Funny how ever kitchen is the same lack of space but you just have to make it work. Have a great weekend.

Sonya said...

I don't use a breadmachine..I do everything by hand. I have never ever liked the way the crusts turns out with a bread machine. The Happy Housewife has a really nice one though and Im guessing the more expensive you get the better quality? I always found the crust to be tough and not worthy of sandwich making at all. They are always on sale here too but I doubt I will ever go that route again.

I wish the Kitchenaid mixers would come down in price..I want one of it can knead the bread aswell. Let me know if you end up buying one!


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