Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rossmann: 4 packs of Pampers baby wipes for 2,99, Hipp baby care over 25% off, and all travel sized items 15% off

This week Rossmann has a super deal on Pampers baby wipes.

The normal price for a 4 pack of pampers baby wipes is 6,99. Rossmann has them on sale through Saturday for 4,99 if you combine this with you pampers 2 euro off coupons you can get the 4 pack for 2,99.

I always save my pampers coupons to combine with local sales for the maximum savings. There is no maximum amount of coupons you can use. On average I use 7 at a time without issue.

If you do not yet recieve the pampers coupons in the mail, you can get them by registering at

Also this week Hipp baby car products are on sale for 25% off, you can combine these with your Rossmann coupon heft coupons. Today I got baby oil, baby wash and diaper rash creme for about 1 euro a pop, the normally run close to 2,50 each.

If you are not yet receiving the rossmann coupons you can sign up for their baby club at the store website or in store. They also send lots of samples and freebies.

And last but not least if you need any minis for your diaper bag, all travel sized items are 15% off.

Hope that saves you a few bucks.

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