Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Parents

Todays scheduled blog challenge. Now this is a fun one and hopefully they will not kill me for this post ha.

Well lets see. May parents married in 82 I believe it was. They met in the kontakt club in Germany both were stationed overseas my mom Navy and dad Army. In 84 I was born. They split when I was 8 and both have remarried, so I will be talking about both of them in pairs.

First up my Mom J and Step dad T.
The have been in a relationship about 10 years but married in 2008 just a few months before me. My mom is a retired Tax advisor as is her husband they met while working for the IRS. Hey now don't you hiss, they were the ones who helped you with taxes not the ones who stalked you down and repoed your house. My mom is an angel, she is my best friend and we can and do talk about everything together. My mom is a real inspiration, when I was around 10 she was diagnosed with a rare disability, she went before countless medical experts and fought years to have her disability recognized after she was unable to work. She never gave up no matter how many hardships came her way. She is such a strong and independent woman and opinionated almost as much as me, I kid she is not really but she does keep me in check.

My Dad R and Step mom J
Married when I was about 8 or 9 years old and have been married I think about 17 years now. J is wonderful and has always accepted me as her own, and she does the same with my son, I cannot imagine my life without her. She is a true blessing not only to me but a wonderful caretaker of my father and I am so happy to know she is there with him when I am so far away. My dad is retired military and ordained minister. He too is an amazing support network, now he really is opinionated and stubborn, and I do have my daddys temper. But in all fairness he has mellowed out in his age, but boy oh boy when he gets on a roll lol. He is passionate about things he cares about. He loves to study and learn new things especially religious studies and we have such wonderful conversations.

I adore my parents and their partners. While some people are bitter about their parents having divorced I see it in a different light, I gained 2 additional parents and I love them so much.
 My dad is my rock always looking for rational solutions and offering advice, even when I don't want to listen hehe. I know he is always there for me anytime I need him. And I love to hear the stories from his youth, he can tell a story in a way that just fills your stomach with laughter and he has no problem laughing at himself along with you.

My mom will always be my emotional go to, who will listen to me when I am upset and calm me down when I am mad beyond words. She inspires me and encourages me everyday.

I am really blessed each ones has their quirks but that is what I love most about them.


Formerly known as Frau said...

Your parents and their partners sound like a wonderful support system. You are truly blessed.

Laura said...

New follower! I saw your thread on diaperswappers about nighttime routines :) There was a lot of great advice there, thanks for posting that! You can follow me back if you'd like, I don't blog often :P


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