Saturday, March 26, 2011

A photo of my friends

Continuing the blog challenge with a photo of my friends.

My friends

Well this is a tough one because I have to think who is least likely to kill me for posting a photo of them on my blog, tehe.

Well I will share a few photos and just a short tidbit about a few other friends, how does that sound.

First up is my BFF Leah.
We met in college, we both were active in student government. We have been friends about 8 years now. We stayed in touch while she went away out of state to college and also after I moved overseas. She is the godmother to my son. Leah helped me become active in the Native community which meant so much to me, that is one thing I really miss living overseas. I am so excited she will be coming to visit me later this year.

Here is me and Leah

Next up a few people to highlight:

1. Ashley.
Ashley is a fellow expat, American living in Germany. We met through an online forum for expats. We talk all he time. I adore her.

2. Amanda.
Another American living in Germany. We have a very special bond, we too met the same way. We shared our pregnancies, we had the same due date, and our babies were born the same day. I talk to her daily and I am so excited to be spending time with her when we travel to Frankfurt to do Teenies citizenship. We plan to cook a belated Thanksgiving dinner together (didn't work out while we were pregnant ha)

3. Amy.
She is a college friend from back home. We do not talk as much now a days but are still in contact. I really hope to talk more with her. She sends me care packs from home and it means the world to me. We also have a mutual friend Angela who I adore and need to maintain better contact with as well. They are both college buddies and I hope we will stay in contact for the rest of our lives.

I hope no one feels left out I just chose a few people. I would write a book about the wonderful people in my life. I have some wonderful friends back home, some awesome expat friends, and some super cool online friendships ad I am grateful for everyone in my life.

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