Sunday, March 27, 2011

My fears

Next up in the blogging challenge a post about fears.

My fears

Not sure so much that I would call these things fears, but they definitely freak me out so here goes.

1. Mirrors- ever since I was a kid I have been terrified of that bloody mary thing and I am always scared to see someone looking back at me. This is most prominent at night and I have been known to haul *** out of the bathroom at high speed velocity if freaked out.

2. Ghosts- I love horror movies, but they really scare the living **** out of me. If I feel like I am being watch I also haul *** out of a room top speed.

3. Getting lost- Either on foot in the car, nothing scares me more then not knowing where I am or being unable to find my way back. One July 4th I drove home and the freeway excited was closed I ended up in an area I did not know. I had to call a friend to tell me how to get home, I had a near meltdown. Needless to say I am a proud supporter of navigations.

4. Bugs- I do not do bugs and big bugs scare me, especially ones that look like they can hurt me such as spiders, bees, and these gnarly monster beetles (the look like scarabs with the huge claws) I have seen here in Germany. No thanks.

5. Death. I am scared of dying and scared of people I love dying. I am a religious person, but I do not do well with the unknown.

I suppose I am superstitious by nature, not to the extend of avoiding black cats and ladders, buT I am easily creeped out.

So what scares you?

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