Sunday, April 25, 2010

Getting the most out of your home binder.

Hey lovely ladies,
I want to thank you so much for your patience and understanding during the chaos of the past few weeks. Now obviously as you can imagine, adding a baby to the family, my home binder is getting a radical facelift.

So I am going to switch a few things up, but I will update every post that has been made and all upcoming posts will be current.

As I mentioned, I will add as soon as I can supplementary posts with picture tours of my binder.

So as I was working on tuning up my binder plan, I was doing some thinking and there was an issue I wanted to address. One that I think everyone should think about at the begging (so I will post this at the beginning of the series :))

When making a home binder, The whole point is to have one organizational system that will eliminate clutter, chaos, or the need for multiple systems. But one thing I neglected to say, it that your whole life cannot possibly fit in one binder. So we need to choose carefully, based on the needs of our life and homes, to decide what goes into our binders.

Let me give you a quick example, one tab under my binder (tutorial coming) is a financial tab. Now as you can imagine in regards to finances I have- contracts, bank statements, old credit cad statements, and on and one. Now imagine if I kept even just one years worth of statements in my home binder. I would have no room for anything else. So throughout this whole process, I will try to motivate you with promoting questions that can help you decide what to add.

Also remember, everything I suggest is based on what works for me. You are welcome to adapt and mold it to your needs, and I hope that you will.

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