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Section 1- Planning (homemaking binder series)

*****Update: I had originally said this series would have two posts a week. The first with the homework for the week, the second with resources and a tour of that sections of my binder. While writing this post I realized how silly that was. I can't say hey make this without resources lol. Ooops. So it will still be two posts. But the first will be the explanation of this section, what it can contain, and resources, as well as weekly tasks. The second post will just be a tour of the section completed in my binder. Hope that helps-- Hugs, Rena
Hey everyone,
Today we are going to jump in to out first section of our home binders. Just a reminder that each section will have two posts. One will be a general overview. The second which will be posted at the end of the week, will include a tour of this section in my binder, as well as applicable resources and links.

You can find all previous posts on this topic under the homemaking binder link at the top of the page under my banner.

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So just a note- All sections in this binder can be adapted to your needs and style. They do not have to be identical to mine, nor in the same order. Use this as an inspiration to develop one to your needs.

So todays section, section 1 is going to be our planning and organizing our schedules. Now you can call it any name you want, planning, schedule, my day. Search for a phrase that reflects you.

So to start out we are going to ask some basic questions that apply to all of us:

1. What components of my life need to be included in my schedule?

2. What type of schedule works for me?

3. What type of calendar works best for me?

4. What are my standard daily routines?

Take a few notes, we will be coming back to those later.

So now I want to talk to you about what I choose to include in this section. Later we will touch on other ideas that works for other people.

1. A divider - Rather then using a pack of standard dividers. I decided to go for a more personal feel and make a tab myself. So I will using just a basic word type program create a page with the section title, a coordinating image, and a small inspirational quote.

2. 12 Monthly Calendars- just your standard 12 month calendar. Now do not here depending on your needs you have a variety of options. First you can use any calendar you have on hand, just punch holes in it. Or print out calendars online. Some people even design them themselves. Now ask yourself. Are you the kind of person who wants to be able to flip through all months and reflect back? If so, I recommend printing all 12 months. If not, consider in printing just a blank calendar template. Use a dry erase marker to fill in the dates each month, and the some technique to fill in key dates and appointments. At the end of the month wipe it clean. Now you could also do this with say a three month cycle that way you can always look ahead a while. So for me, I am the type of person who wants to be able to write in events way in advance all year long. I will also reflect back next year and transfer important dates, so for me having all 12 months in a calendar works best.

Also note: How do you best utilize your calendar?  Do you write in pencil so you can just erase anything that changes? Or perhaps you color code based on type of event or by family member. Start to think about how you want to utilize your calendar. Gather any tools you need- pens, pencils, erasers, dry erase pens.

This section I use as a general monthly calendar. What does that mean? I do not write in daily reoccurring events, such as family members work or routines. This is just important events- think appointments, get togethers, birthdays and anniversaries. Things of that nature. You do not want it to be come too cluttered. But rather to serve as a guide to know what is coming up.

2. Personal Calendar (weekly, daily, or hourly)- Notice how I did not specify weekly, daily or hourly? That is because we are all different. What are your needs? Do you have many appointments throughout the day? Then a hourly calendar will work best for you. Many people utilize weekly calenders. Just to jot down everything from meetings, appointments, to to do lists, or even what is for dinner that day.

For me, I do not have many appointments outside of the home, so I decided to use the Motivated Moms calendar. Now this is a pre-made homemaking calendar. Due to the fact I do not have so many things to track, I just write in notes on the side. I then highlight them after they are done.

Motivated Moms is a pre-made homemaking calendar described as :

Motivated Moms is a printable chore planning system to help you have a clean and organized home and still have time for yourself!
Motivated Moms is a great idea for anyone who would like an easy system to help them to know what to do each day.
Just consult the list, do the work, check it off for the day and enjoy your free time!

This calendar is not free it does cost 8.00, but I think it is highly worth it. You just download and print it out. Now it is designed for people with kids, and not all tasks will apply to you, I just cross those off and write in as needed. I then highlight as I complete tasks. It has been a great help in my home. They have various formats, with or without daily bible readings, I bought the Chore Planner with scheduled bible readings.

Now some people may ask, why the heck do I need two? Well you don't have to. Utilize what works best for you. I have found though that I want my monthly calendars to be quick glance. The more detailed stuff, notes or to do lists just bog it down.

3. A year at a glance calendar- I know you are thinking, is this lady on some kind of calendar craze. But let me tell you what this is for. Just major events This can be holidays, birthdays, anniversaries. I use this just so I can glance and see of hmm Tommy has a birthday in a few months better start planning. That kind  of thing. Just a quick overview of major reoccurring events.

I used the Blank one year month by month planner from kristensguide

Now a final note on calendars- Too often we become bogged down in trying to maintain too many calendars. The idea behind this technique is too get rid of that. Remember this will be the key to your home that everyone uses. Build your calendars that way. So it can be referenced at anytime by anyone in your home. Get rid of those wall calendars, purse booklets, portfolios. Use this as your one main calendar. Now on that note, if you want to keep a small purse sized one with just key appointment type of things for when you are out and about, that is not a bad idea. But the idea is to quit trying to utilize so many various calenders that we become bogged down and forget about things. Everything in one place is what we are going for here :)

Calendar Resources:
Donnayoung - great printables, calendars and more
Mom Advice- weekly planner, and more
All free printables- tons of great stuff here
DIY PLanners
Kristens guide
If you don't find anything here, just do a quick google search of free printable calendars, tons pop up :)

How to use a calendar:
Flylady- Kelly's guide on how to use a calendar

Now the next few sheets we will be talking about are our daily routines. 
Note- cleaning routines are not included in this section, that will come under our home maintenance, but you can of course move things around to your liking, but don't worry about that just yet.

Now the idea behind this comes from Sure we know what we do every morning, or rather what we hope to do. But so often we are caught up in chaos running around with like a chicken with our heads cut off, that we forget to do things. And most often these are the little things we should be doing for ourselves. So these will serve as our daily checklist. What we need to get done and make sure we never skimp over.

4. Morning routine. Now this one you will have to develop for yourself, based on your needs. You want to be precise and detailed, but also keep it manageable. These need to be non-changing and constant components of our mornings.

Ask yourself, what is important for me to achieve every morning. Start by making a list.

Start here at fly lady and see her steps for developing your morning routine.  You can also view example schedules here.

Now just to get your creativity flowing I thought I would share what is included in my Morning checklist.

1. Rise and shine
a. Make bed as soon as you are out of it
b. Start coffee
c. Shower and wipe down shower doors when done
d. Brush teeth
e. Morning skin care routine
f. Get dressed to a T
g. Do hair and makeup
h. Have breakfast
I. Feed and water birds

2. Love your home
a. Open all windows for 30 minutes
b. In winter turn heat on
c. Start a load of laundry if needed
d. Start the dishwasher if needed
e. Tidy up each room
f. Swish and sweep the bathroom

3. Think about your day
a. Check the calender
b. Make daily to do list
c. Take dinner items out to thaw

4. Love Yourself
a. Daily bible reading
b. Daily devotion
c. One chapter personal reading
d. Check email and blog

Now once you have your list, personalize it. I made mine in open office, with some cute clip art and fonts. You can even add an inspirational quote if you like. Some people make a checklist they can check off, some create their own daily calendars with the routines included for each day of the week. I chose to just print one sheet, that I can quickly reflect over and see if all is accomplished.

5. Afternoon routine- Now here I ventured away from fly lady and the other resources I have seen. I didn't want just a morning and night checklist. I know, for me, I need all three. So follow the same steps for your afternoon or midday responsibilities. (note, mine is in the final stages, so I will add it here this week, check back :))

Ask yourself what do I need to do every afternoon- it can be anything from dinner prep, to write in my blog, what ever is a normal part of your afternoon. Note: I do include basic cleaning like clean up after dinner, ect, but my detailed cleaning schedules will come in a later post

6. Before Bed Routine- Same concept, what has to be done every day before you go to bed.
(note, mine is in the final stages, so I will add it here this week, check back :))

pack lunches, lay out clothes, take meds, floss your teeth. Make it your own

check out flylady's how to section here And examples here

As I mentioned some people create a daily check sheet composed of all three check out an example at a high and noble calling (its under todo list)

So that is what we will be staring with in our planning section of our home-binders. Feel free to add anything else you think would fit well into this section.

Some other ideas include:
A master schedule- This is a daily set schedule with set times for activities, this is great from homeschooling parents, or parents of young children

A list of holiday celebrated in your family (I include mine under the family tab)

Some people like a typed up list of birthday and anniversaries ( I include mine under the family tab)

Some people also include there home and cleaning schedules here. I may actually do the same, but will talk in depth about cleaning schedules under the home tab. I am already too long winded here hehe.

So I hoped this helped you get started with your home binder. Check back at the end of the week for a tour of this section in my home making binder.

And check out some other ladies homemaking binders over at A proverbs wife

So your home work for this week just to recap:
1. Insert your first divider or make your own
2. Find a 12 month calendar you like
3. Find a personal calendar you like
4. Find a year at a glance calendar you like
5. Create your morning routine
6. Create your afternoon routine
7. Create your before bed routine
8. Put all sheet in plastic page protectors and insert in your binder
9. Pat yourself on the back
10. Start putting your new scheduling section to use :)

Next up Contacts

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