Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rena's Homemaking Binder Series


This section contains my tutorials about how to create an utilize a homemaking binder. A homemaking binder is an amazing homemaking tool. It actually has it roots way back in history. Due to the chaos of maintaining a home in an ever so busy world, a resurgence of the homemaking binder has swept across the homemaking web.

I decided to do this series, because I too spent so much time seeking out resources and trying to figure out how to make a homemaking binder. All information I came across was helpful, but it was all patchwork. The majority of what I found was for homeschooling parents, and I hope that someone else in a similar boat as mine, or even those who are homeschooling parents:), can come to one place and find a lot of pertaining information. While I found tons of great examples, but no one really went into detail about deciding what to include and how to go about making one in manageable small steps. That is what I hope to accomplish here.

I will have detailed tutorials on each of the sections I have decided to include in my homemaking binder, but I will also give you questions to reflect on in hopes that you can expand out to find the perfect sections to fit your own needs.

At the conclusion of the series, I will do picture posts, giving you a visual example. This will be a tour of the related sections in my homemaking binder.

I had mentioned at the beginning that I would do this series in weekly posts, but due to my pregnancy, I realized it is better to get it all up now, while I still have the chance. I will still post everything in individual posts with weekly steps. So over the next few days, you should find the tutorial from start to finish.

I hope that it helps and inspires you to regain control of your life.

Please feel free to leave me your thoughts, as these homemaking binders are ever changing and adapting to our lives, your tip may be just what I need.

Best wishes



Alea said...

I have never heard of such a thing, but I am very intrigued! I think My oldest (19) and her friends might be interested as well, as they are starting to think about their future.

The Proverbs Wife said...

Hey Rena,

I'd love to link to the series when it's done. I have a post on my blog that list sites that are helpful for building a HMB and I'd love to add your link.

I'm heading over to join your Blogfrog community and follow you on Networked blogs. If you'd like to join mine of follow me, my widgets are on my sidebar on my page.

Have a blessed day!

Lost in Translation said...

Alea- Sorry for the slow response, blogger was be very user unfriendly yesterday lol. These make great gifts for young ladies starting out in the world. I wish someone would have helped me make one :) They are a great tool that are often times even passed down throughout the family.

The Proverbs wife- Hey that would be great. I created a separate page, so that the whole series will be easy to find and all in one place. This week is just groundwork and background info, but we will jump in next week. I decided to do mine over time, since I plan to go into detail, I did not want anyone to get overwhelmed or bombed, so we are going to go step by step :)


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