Thursday, April 22, 2010

Homemaking binder - section 2 Contacts

Hey guys-
Here is the next tutorial on our contacts section of our binder.

As I previously mentioned, use this as a guide, tweek it to your needs, as this is your book.

We can obviously draw from the title that this section is going to have our contacts.

So for starters we are going to start out with some brain storming, I will then share my method.

What contacts method works best for you? Are you an a-z kinda gal, or do you prefer to bundle by category?

Take a moment to think about what you want to include, do you want every contact you possibly have in your binder so you always know where they are? Or would you rather just have your commonly used contacts?

Will you enter people as family units, combing all info, or as individuals?

Now jot down a few notes and we will reference those in a bit.

So here is what I am going to include in this section:

1. Our divider- remember this can just be store bought, personalized, or even hand made.

2. Birthdays and anniversaries list. I did cover this under the calendar section, but I choose to include mine under contacts.

Donna young has a nice simple birthday list here 

3. A important number reference sheet- This is just going to be those top priorities- mom at work, dad cell, poison control. These are our emergency number we can just flip to at anytime, without having to scavenge.

A really nice important number sheet can be found here at Donnayoung

4. Our contacts section (s)
Here we have to think about what fits our needs. While I can see why many people use a-z, that just doesn't work for me, so instead I group by category. Now this works best for me, as we have a international marriage meaning contacts in Germany and in the US. So when planning a birthday party here, I don't want to dig out everyone and Germany, or on Independence day the same for everyone in the US. I also want to be able to find financial and medical contacts easily. Now you also have the option if going this route to put your contacts under the applicable tabs- ie medical under health, financial under budget. I find that most helpful. Then at any time you open the section you need and everything is right there. For the sake of the tutorial, I will go ahead and list how I group my contacts.
a. Family in the US
b. Family in Germany
c. Friends in the US
d. Friends in Germany
e. Financial in the US
f. Financial in Germany
h. Medical in the US
i. Medical Germany

Now you can add any other tabs you need- business associates, church, school.

a+b, I wanted to have all family members available at a glance. I do not alphabetize, but since everything is grouped, I can just flip through a few pages and find people. I group as family units that live under one  roof.

c+d I keep all friends grouped together. I dot break things down further into grade school, church, ect, but you could if that fits your needs

e+f All financial contacts- banking, creditors, student loan companies, anything regarding finances. (placed under financial tab)

h+i All medical contacts- that is doctors, insurance, and the like (placed under medical tab)

Now there are tons of telephone contact sheets on the internet. You can choose what you would like under each listing. Here is what I like to include:
a. All family member names
b. Address
c. Home telephone number
d. Cell phone number(s)

Some people include work numbers, fax, email. It is really up to you. I do not like things cluttered and seeing as not everyone uses those mediums, I include a separate sheet.

A nice telephone list can be found here at donnayoung

5. Email contacts.
I just use a spread sheet. Handwritten. Since so many people have multiple accounts or each family member as their own email, it is easier for me to have an email list I can reference. I do group the same way, as listed above, friends, family and so on. Everything is viewable at a quick glance.

So your homework for the week:
1. Find or make a divider
2. Birthday list (If you decide, it is currently in our calendar section)
3. Important number reference sheet. (place this directly behind the divider for quick reference)
4. A contact section based on your needs and preferences
5. Any additional contact sections such as emails, or websites
6. Anything else that you think would benefit you in this section.

See you next wee, up next is our Family tab

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