Monday, April 5, 2010

5 weeks to a clean and organized home- week 1 Kitchen- day 1

I am excited to take part in a new series over at Christian Homekeeper called 5 weeks to a clean and organized home.

This week we are working on our kitchens. If you would like to see a tour of my kitchen to get the feel of a German kitchen, check out my kitchen tour here.

Here is a look at what I accomplished today.

Ok so the first task of the day was cleaning and organizing your fridge.

So here is a look at my fridge before. Yes it looks like a dorm fridge but that is the standard here, if you are still in awe check out my kitchen tour :)

And here is a look at after:

Next off was the freezer. Now I do still need to defrost. But in order to do that I have to switch on the other fridge and transfer all the food, to let this one thaw a few days. So I will be doing that probably next week or so. 

Here is before: (check out that nasty freezer burnt meat, yuck. Anyone got tips on better ways of freezing meat?

And after:

Todays tasks also included the oven, but I was not able to get that done today. I plan to do that in the morning.

So if you are looking for some motivation to get your house whipped back into shape with easy and manageable daily tasks make sure you check out the Christian Homekeeper's blog. Great stuff every time. 


Sonya said...

Great job..head on over and do mine now! LOL As for the freezer meat I always take mine out and wrap it in plastic wrap and then tin foil or I double wrap in tin foil..never had problems after that.

Frau said...

Wow it looks great. It's really hard to keep up when your frig is so tiny. I need to organize and purge my whole house. Hope you have a good week.

Karen said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! I loved seeing your German kitchen! Do you find it easier to clean since it is smaller? It's quite lovely!
Enjoy your day!
Karen Twombly

Lost in Translation said...

Hey Karen-
My answer is both yes and no. Both large and small kitchen have pros and cons But I have found it gets cluttered a lot easier due to the lack of cabinet space. A lot of germans will actually have china cabinets in their living roomms to hold the dishes that wont fit in the kitchens. I also struggle to find places for machines like my bread machine and blender and what not, so they are in my hall lol.

But at the same time I think it is cozy. I liek that Germans generally have tables in their kitchens and eat in the kitchen.

Appliejuice said...

You did great!


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