Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pay Attention while using

So, first I wanted to say, that I had promised a major update in the next few days. That will come tomorrow :) I have already ran my mouth on Facebook and don't want to jinx myself, so after an appointment tomorrow that will clarify things for certain I will post publicly here.

So, I noticed some changes on that I wanted to warn you about.

I had mentioned before that amazon is a great way to buy english books here, and since all international sites are linked you just sign in with your preexisting amazon account.

Well today I was super excited about finding a very famous american book I was looking for. Since in my situation I needed it sooner rather than later, I decided to go ahead and pay a few bucks more to order from Germany and have it sent directly to me. Since sending to someone stateside, or from the UK would take a lot longer.

However, the checkout process has changed. As many of you know the germans mainly use the leiferung system. That means a bill is sent to you with the book and you pay via bank transfer. Normally when ordering a second page pops up asking how you would like to pay.

Well amazon did away with that feature and I guess a small box is on the side with your established payment methods. What that means is if you have a card on file, even if on your us amazon. Unless you catch it it will charge that card.

I noticed to late. I hit the button expecting to go to the payment screen and instead got a thank you for your

So just watch out for that. I am not sure how to switch to leiferung, as I noticed mine to late. Next time I order I will make a not on here about that.

And one final note, for some reason amazon is putting 2 books in your basket when you order. Thank god I noticed that and removed one additional copy before hitting next. I have no idea why it is doing that, but any time I put a book in my basket it shows up as two copies. One time I missed it and had to cancel and redo my order.

Happy shopping


May said...

Thanks for this information!!! My husband and I were just discussing this afternoon, on how to proceed to buy books for our children, since our son seems to have finished reading all the books we got from India!!!

Lost in Translation said...

I did another post about buying english language books in germany with tons of other resources check it out here


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