Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mexican week at lidl woohoo

You can check out the site in German here

Sale starts Thursday, and one thing you should note, go the first day, once it is sold out it will not be replaced and running around to every lidl in the area is no fun, and often times unsuccessful.
*note, germans are not the most accurate at ethnic food, but I settle for what I can get :)

Here is a look at what is available:
Mexicanos with sweet chili sauce (in other words chicken nuggets with dip) 500g 2,49
Filled tortilla wraps (pre-stuffed and nummy) 2 per pack 150g 1,79
Fajita or Burrito kit 1.99
Fajita Sauce 1,59
Chili Beans ,59
Mexican Baguette (who knows, but I will try it) ,85
Mexican pizza (pepperoni with kidney beans, not the best) 2,69
Jalepanos canned 1,29
Pikante tomato juice ,89
Hard taco shells 1,19
Dip mix (nacho cheese, guacamole, and salsa) ,99
Tortillas ,99
Tortilla chips (sweet chili, or burrito flavor) ,69
rice crackers ,69
roc and rolls (rolled tortilla chips???) ,99
Mexican style beer (not mexican style made in germany) ,49
Tequila silver 7,99
cachaca (some kind of alcohol) 7,49

They also have festive plates 2,99 and cups 1,69

Let mw know what you try and what you think of it. I have found ethnic foods here are really hit or miss, but some are great.

My tip, buy one and try it if you love it, next time buy a bunch.

I love the tortillas, tortilla wraps, and burrito kits so I will be stocking up.

Happy Mexican week :)



Sonya said...

Im waiting for american food week to see if I can score some cheddar cheese..lol You should try making your own tortillas. We prefer those to store bought. They are so much softer,waaaay cheaper and you can use different spices to season the tortillas aswell. All you need is flour,water,butter and spices if you want to add those.

Anonymous said...

You are becoming very germanized with your vocab & punctuation, soon you will be a native! Mom.


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