Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sundays in my city

Unknown Mami

So Yesterday we were in Bad Rappenau, and I tried to take some pics. But the sun was just not cooperating with my point in click camera lol. So here are some pics from our gallery. This is Neustadt a small village in east Germany, where my husband grew up.  :)

Wikipedia says:

In 1372 Novenstadt the community as "" (from Latin novus 'new' first mentioned). 1485 was the place to build a town hall and Roland statue erected to mark the jurisdiction. A large fire destroyed Neustadt on 10 September 1678 almost complete, only three houses survived the disaster.
In the 19 Century, the pattern of tourism, a spa in 1870 and eight years later was a bathhouse built. In 1887 operating Hermann Kronberg a sanatorium on the basis of a natural method of treatment. Since 1890, New Town may Luftkurort call.
With the unification with the neighboring community of Osterode in 1952 exceeded the first time the new town population of 1000

And you know the cool part, that fire in the 1600's? My husbands grandma's house was the only house to survive. It is the oldest house in the village. I will take some pics of the house when we are there next.

*Note wikipedia may be incorrect as the town history writes her house is the oldest and only survivor of the fire. However that page is translated and the Germans use the word house for any building, so it may reference other types of buildings like factories ect. I am not sure, but I will ask in the town historical society next time I visit. 

Above Neustadt is the castle Hohnstein. It was the first castle I visited :)

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I decided to add some additional pics. Here is the barn from the Oma's house. It is over 400 years old and used to be a school house. HOw cool is that. I will also add the castle pics in another post, but gotta get them off hubbys computer.

This is the view from the woods overlooking Neustadt. They have a WWI and WWII monument up there. 

Here is the door to the barn/ old school house. That is my brother-in-law. Isn't he a cutie :) He finishes school this year and got a ausbildung (like an internship or apprenticeship) working with hearing aids. This was 2007, not the most flattering pic mind you. lol


Sonya said...

Wow thats amazing about your husbands grandmothers house! wow. LOVED the photos!!

May said...

Wow Neustadt!!! I have been preparing a list of places to visit in Germany!!! Thanks for your pics!!! Maybe, we can plan a trip to Neustadt. The kids and I love visiting castles!!!!!

Lost in Translation said...

Hi May-
Neusttadt is a beauty if you ever get the chance to visit. It really hold the feel of pre world war Germany.

I will add another post with photos of the castle ruins in a bit. I have to get them off hubbys computer. I lost all my photos from before 2008 when my mac crashed , along with 5,000 songs *I am not bitter, I am not bitter insert tear here lol. At least the pics are safe on his computer. lol.

Sonya, I dont have pics of those house but I do have the barn. I will add it to this post in a bit. It used to be a school house and it is over 400 years old :)

Do note- I am deeply sad that my hubbys mom turned down the house, it went to the uncle. I told him if he ever plans to sell, call me first haha.

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my goodness! I love your pictures from your outing yesterday. My favorite was the boats I think : ).

Anonymous said...

loved the photos. it is beautiful

Unknown Mami said...

Love the pictures! I also love your glasses.

Jen said...

hi from nyc


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