Saturday, October 31, 2015

Ich lebe noch....

I have not posted in nearly 2 year now. Life with 2 kids under the age of 3 took hold I suppose. In a strange series of events today I ended up using my husbands pc and accidently logged into my old facebook which is linked to this blog. I was met with comments and messages asking how I am and asking me to return to blogging. I pulled up the blog, I will admit using password recovery and realized this blog still gets at least 50 hits day regardless of the long term lack of content. I am thrilled so many people have taken interest in my writings and ramblings about  our little life here in the vaterland.

I guess I should do a short re-into as so much has changed over the years. Lord I was in my early 20's and so niave when I started my journey here in Germany. Its almost 'peinlich' to look back at some of my early posts. To see how much I have evolved as an individual and as an expat over nearly a decade. You know its when you start refering to your past in decades you start to realize aging is catching up with you. Lol. Good lord, I dont even remember how to edit the formatting on a blog anymore, nor do I know if blogs are still of interest in a facebook and pinterest dominated world. But if there is an interest I have nothing against trying to find my groove once again in the blogging world.

I am 31 now, I was 23 when I first moved to Germany. I am now a mother to 2 young boys. Teenie will turn 5 in December, and his little brother piepmatz , just turned 3. I was pregnant when I last posted. My youngest son will be starting  kindergarten in a month. We have relocated to southern Baden a few years back. I am alive and well, having battled post partum depression as many may recall from previous posts and my activity of expat boards. You will be happy to know I am doing well and thriving and finally starting to rediscover myself, as an indivual, as an expat. I am striving to bloom where I have been planted, even if its takes a bit longer then others.

I have to give it some thought how best to proceed here, I always enjoyed the blogging format and being able to share aspects of my world with likeminded individuals, at the same time I need to find a balance away from oversharings and how best to protect my little ones in a world dominated by oversharing in the virtual world.

I just wanted to take a moment to say I am alive and well. Still in Germany, and pretty damn sure I will be here for the long haul.

Thank you to everyone who has written and commented to ask how I am and if I will ever return to blogging. I cannot guarantee I will become as involved as I once was with posts every few days, but I would certainly love to post again and see how things evolve.

Lots of love,

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TheTribe said...

Rena!! I was so excited to see this post. Awesome to here that you are doing well. Big hugs from Melony from Diaper Swappers.


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