Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Resolutions and goals

So now this may seem long, but those who know me, know that that is just me :) So this year I decided that since I have a habit of setting unachievable resolutions I would divide my list up into actual resolutions (achievable tasks) and goals (ongoing attempts).

So by writing this here and informing others I feel more inclined to follow through, and I will write one post at the end of each month talking about what progress I have or have not made. And at the end of the year we will see how well it all turned out.

So first I will start of with resolutions. I define these as achievable tasks. Now if I were to say I will do x every day, then once I failed to do it one day I would feel as if I had failed so anything falling into that category will fall under goals.

1. Wedding album- get pictures printed and wedding album completed (I was given a beautiful wedding album as a wedding gift from my mother and would like to finish it.)

2. Write 12 letters or Postcards home (12 in one year to 12 different people, goal once a month but with flex room)

3. Complete the Bob Greene Program (Years back I paid for an online weight loss program but never did it, it is no longer active but I can still access all the materials, I figured I would complete the program and that is more practical then telling myself I must lose x amount of pounds, this is a 3 month program)

4. Watch 4 movies a month with hubby, one rented (this can be on tv, but one new rented film a month, this is a way to get us off of the computer and spending time together, the ultimate goal is once a week, but by saying 4 a month that gives flex room)

5. Reading: English- 24 books (2 a month) 12 magazines (1 a month), German- 10 books, 5 magazines

6. Write 15 blogs a month (main blog), 1 a month (side blog)

7. Treat myself monthly- goal 1 clothing related item, one cosmetic or body, 1 book, and 1 household item (can be used, traded, second hand, the idea is just to treat myself but also stay frugal with my treats)

8. Visit 10 castles

9. Visit 10 museums

10. Finish my homemaking binder

11. Make a recipe book

12. Try 1 new recipe a week

13. 2 fold part 1) Finish the integrations course and 2) pass the b1 test

14. *secret*

15. Read the bible cover to cover

16. two fold 1) get my drivers license and 2) learn to drive stick shift

17. Complete the future homemakers program (its like a home ec course learning to maintain a home)

18. Start crafting and complete 10 projects

19. 2 date nights a month- one at home and one out, take turns planning

20. Get out of the house and meet a friend 2 times a month

21. Attempt a new baking recipe once a month

22. Stay in my OCD mailing group a full year (means keeping up with the posting requirements)

23. Go walking at least 3 times a week

24. Complete 5 small monthly mini goals/ projects

Now onto Goals. These are things to work on but not necessarily trackable.

1. Read 30 minutes a day

2. spend less then 1 hour a evening online (need to spend more time with my husband)

3. eat healthier

4. work on being a Proverbs 31 wife

5. Watch more German tv and read more German

6. Start Journaling

7. Keep a clean house

8. have dinner ready when hubby gets home

9. work on improving communication skills and responding to anger in a healthy manner

10. work on OCD with behavior therapy

11. work on Photography

Now my 5 mini goals/ projects for January:

1. File all loose papers
2. organize loose cords
3. clean out kitchen cupboards
4. organize bookmarks on computer
5. Clean out email

Whew that was waaaaay to long.


Wish me luck


Sonya said...

Wow those are some serious goals! how are the german classes coming along? and what about driving? I know I can exchange my oregon one for a german one after taking a written test. We are going to jump the border into germany from the netherlands in a few years.

Im going to need to take some kind of german language class aswell...because I am moving over to germany and being married to an EU member I get the same rights as he does..meaning no integration classe for me in germany. However I still need to learn the language.

Lost in Translation said...

Hey Sonya,

Yes in terms of the Oregon license, I have the same, you only need to do the Theory test. It cocts about 100 bucks, but thank god, considering a whole license here is over 2,000 Euro including driving school.

Now I am too married to an EU member, a German, but now all immigrants are required to complete the integrations course as a residency requirement, so you should check into that. That rule went into effect in the past few years. You get a subsidized rate so you actually spend less in the end, then if you were to attend a normal course. :) But you will have to ask about your specific situation at the immigration office. YOu can always ask in advance too, they are pretty good about answering questions and we called a lot before I came.

I love my class and it is going well so far. I am also currently studying for the theory driving test I hope to do the nest next year.

Sonya said...

The difference between you and I is that I am moving over into germany with a EU member. In the netherlands I too have to do the same as you but when you go into another country being married to a EU member you fall under the rights of the EU treaty. So basically I am treated no differently than my husband. The funny thing is, I can live in germany for as little as 6 months, move back over into the netherlands and then they have to treat me like a EU member too..meaning no course or anything and I get my permanent residency right It's a little known secret alot of expats learn about along the way. We want to live in germany for the cheaper homes but it's nice knowing if we ever wanted to come back to the netherlands that it would be smooth sailing aswell.

It costs a ton of money to get your license in the netherlands too..thousands and thousands. Back home I went to a small town to get mine and after driving 2 blocks she said I

How far are you from the netherlands? Im a little under 2 hours from Muenster..I imagine u are in a much larger city.

Lost in Translation said...

I am actually in a itty bitty city, less then 5,000 people near Heilbronn. Stuttgart is our next big city, about an hour away.Hubby says we are about 5 hours from the Netherlands we are closer to France.


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