Monday, December 28, 2009

What my blog means to me

This is a topic that I have thought quiet extensively about. What exactly is this blog and what does it mean to me? I have contemplated creating side blogs but decided just to keep everything mashed together.

So what is this blog to me?

Well first and foremost this started out as a travel blog. I traveled to Germany for a summer and this was my means to keep my family updated on what was going on with my travels. As I later relocated abroad it continued to serve this purpose. But at the same time it has expanded to include other topics.

This is also a journal blog, my days, my thoughts, and my struggles. What I have learned and what I still strive to learn.

It is also a journey my life as a fast paced college student suddenly thrown into the role of a homemaker in a entirely foreign world. From recipes to funny stories, this is my daily adventures.

It is also a community with other bloggers. YOu will often see activities that I include that link back to other blogs.

So I came to the conclusion that it is fine just the way it is. This is a reflection of me, and written by me and at the same time for me.

I am thankful for everyone who enjoys my blog from my family and friends back home, to my blogging buddies, and even those who stumbled upon me via varies mediums and enjoyed what I have written. I hope that I can continue to write interesting posts that appeals to everyone who was drawn to my blog for varies reasons.

Lots of love

1 comment:

Mahmud joel said...

..hi Rena,am your brand new follower. Keep blogging so i keep knowing and enjoying why you blog


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