Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Updated Christmas Crafts

So I decided due to the short notice, I did not want to go over board or set myself up for faliure. So I taimed it back a bit here is my final plan.

For my Christmas party friday I am doing a party platter with onion and ranch dip with veggies and chips. Plus I will bring the always famous kool aid.

Mother in law, father in law, oma in law- a home made american christmas cd, a hot chocoalte gift set (see details below), and homemade peanut butter cookies

Brother in law will get a standard purchased gift

Hot chocolate gift set:
a oversized mug, cocoa powder, sugar cubes, tea bisquits, cinamon sticks, and marshmellows. With hand written instruction card for my favorite cocoa.

Peanut butter cookies- will be my friend Sarahs recipe.

I am also going to do a cheese cake attempt with my mother in law. :)


Sonya said...

That sounds great! Do they like Ranch there? I make mine from a homemade recipe because they dont sell it here. Kool Aid is a thing of wonder over here..I have like 500 packets and noone seems to know wat it is. During the summer I made Kool Aid Slushies for us and it tastes so great.

Lost in Translation said...

Surprisingly only one person, my friend, touched it. People were actually disgusted and said they have never in their lives seen someone eat raw vegetables.

I even explained how to eat it, showing how to dip and people said eww.

So I highly doubt I will be cooking again for the course.

Last time only a few people tried my stuff and this time none.

Sonya said...

Ok thats just plain wrong. I have found similar things here. Ok they eat apple pie differently by adding raisins and a really strange bread like crust. I can not stand it but would never tell someone I hated it if they served it to me. If I show them how we eat apple pie, they refuse to even touch it. I dont understand their complete rudeness when it comes to different food. I wont cook or bake for a dutch

They complain about our fondness for finger food and how horrible that is..the list goes on and on..the joys of being an


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