Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Years German edition

I know its not New Years back home yet, but here it is 1AM, so I can wish everyone a Happy New Years German time lol.

Just a small update on us, we are currently in south Germany in Sonthofen, visiting my family. Let me start by saying I have not seen my brother in 16 years so this has been an amazing experience. I will write more about this later, but thought I would start buy just telling you a bit about our day.

I woke up today at 8:30, spent a half hour in bed with my mac doing my normal online routine (yeah I know I am an addict). Then I got ready and at 10 I headed downstairs and learned some German recipes with my brothers mom.

This is my half brother on my fathers side. He actually lives in the same apartment building as his mom, she and her brother live on the first story and he lives in the apartment directly above.

So this morning I learned and helped make German potato salad, egg salad, tomato salad, cucumber salad, and noodle salad. Super easy and way fun.

Then Toni and I headed to Austria in search of the infamous tax free gas. Now my brother had intended to come with us but he wasn't feeling so well, so we headed out on our own directions in hand. So we went on a nice drive through the Alps. Now that was all fun and gravy until we realized we were on the wrong road and I had to pee like a race horse. So I started making a shit fit because I had to pee and was scared we would run out of gas lol. But my brother saved the day, and helped us find our way back. Turns out that street light we were supposed to turn at never existed in the first place lol, damn brothers and their directions :)

So after a long drive along the border with me whining about having to pee, we finally made our way across the border and into Austria. We found the gas station, which actually saved us 20 euro in filling our tank. It was full, autos lined into the street. Haha I just wrote Autos the german word, my lord I am losing my English :). Any who, back to the point. While hubby was in the line waiting for gas I ran in to use the potty.

Now my German is pretty good, and I know Austrians speak German, but that dialect was like Portuguese to me. The lady could understand that I was asking for a bathroom until I said the word for toilet in German lol. Thank god they had one and I didn't explode. I told hubby if he didn't hurry I would be peeing in the snow.

So after that we filled up the car. Poor hubby was mortified by the fact you had to fill up the car and then pull forward. I guess after so many years in Germany he feared a big scary man would come chasing him thinking he was trying to drive off.

So we drove a bit in Austria and took some pics that I will add after we get back home. Then we headed back to Germany. I know it was short but hey that counts I was in Austria :)

So we took some great pics, saw the amazing Alps and they were a beauty.

We came back and my brother had cooked some supper spaghetti.

Then we hung around and played on the computers and watched tv. I went down stairs and hung out with B and HJ (bro's mom and uncle, but I hate typing that they are family to me so I will just say B and HJ:)) and we had talked and hung out.

I went back upstairs and got ready for our evening.

At 8 we all headed down together and I helped cook Frikadellen, while B made Chicken. We hung out until 10 and my brother neighbors joined us for the celebration.

We ate tons of food, drank good German beer, and at midnight we rang in the New year with a toast and watched the amazing fireworks. No I know this sounds crazy but Germans set off those huge ones in the sky, you know like the big shows on the river. But they do it just on the streets, so it is like a bombing raid. Within minutes the city looked as so there was fog, it was so dense with smoke. But it was gorgeous. Hubby got a bit upset as a firework landed on the car and another was tossed under, didn't look like their was any damage we will have to check for sure in the morning.

So then we chatted a bit and headed back upstairs.

My bro gave up his room for us, and I am about to hire a uhaul and run off with his super comfy bed lol. He has American pillows and it was so nice to sleep with on again, and his blankets are soooo comfy.
I want to barricade myself in j/k

So it was an amazing experience to ring in the new year with my brother. Though we have been apart for many years, I have never once felt any distance from him. He is an amazing man and I could talk to him about anything. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to live close to him and have him in my life once again. And I am at a loss of words for the kindness that his family has extended to me. They have opened their arms and welcomed me into their family, and that has made my experience living so far away from home so much more enjoyable.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful new year. I always consider it my fresh start. A chance to make the changes or set the bar to do things I have neglected to do in the past and this year I am setting the bar high for myself. But I am confident that I will make it.

This is my second New Years in Germany. And while it may be hard to be away from home. Away from my family, friends, and loved ones, I have finally realized that I am living my dream. With an amazing husband by my side, castles around every corner, I can never forget I am one heck of a lucky girl

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