Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Yeah for apple

I know the subject of care plans is always a hot topic to do or don't and if it is even worth the costs. I can say that I am super happy that I invested in the Apple care plan. I am even happier that they honor it worldwide, that apple here offers support in English, and that they will fix all issues with my mac free of charge under warranty. Now I just need to find a local service provider, looks like the closest is Stuttgart and hubby would not be too happy if I do not find one closer. He will not for the life of him drive into Stuttgart, so hopefully he can help me search a bit more when he gets home.

I need to have my cd repaired, as it will not properly read or burn cds. My fan is possessed and runs was to much and way to loud. My case is broken from the magnetic closures. My microphone jack doesn't work anymore. And a few keys and my mouse pad have issues.

But they will fix it all yeah. And I can also see if they can retrieve any of the files that were lost after the crash.

I am super happy and the apple support if fabulous. A hell of a lot better then dealing with DEll in the US who took a few years and threatens of legal action for not honoring my warranty to get the to fix the damn thing a year after I left the country.

So thank you apple for not outsourcing my calls to other countries.

Thank you for having staff who are actually well trained.

Thank you for honoring warranties so wonderfully, and worldwide :)


Crystal Escobar said...

It's so crazy that I came across your blog just now. I'm dealing with the same thing (my computer won't properly burn DVD's), and unfortunately did not purchase the apple care program. I'm so bummed about it, but am looking into just doing their trade in program, and get the newer, more efficient, and a lb lighter macbook. They are offering me $450 for my 2 year old laptop. Do you think it is worth it? Trying to decide if I should go ahead and do it?

Crystal Escobar said...

oh and if you want to check out my blog it's
www.balancedmoms.blogspot.com :)


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