Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Year Resolutions Update- January

Here is my progress in the month of January

1. Wedding album
Nothing done on this yet

2. Write 12  11 letters or Postcards home
Wrote one to my mom

3. Complete the Bob Greene Program
I have not started yet perhaps February

4. Watch 4 movies a month with hubby, one rented
Completed saw some great ones including: The Ugly Truth which was a great movie, a love comedy perfect for men and women

5. Reading: English- 24 books (2 a month) 12 magazines (1 a month), German- 10 books, 5 magazines
Books: He had it coming, second in progress
Magazines: Completed
German book and magazine: In Progress

6. Write 15 blogs a month (main blog)
I scratched the side blog, and I am pretty sure I hit 15 blogs this month

7. Treat myself monthly- goal 1 clothing related item, one cosmetic or body, 1 book, and 1 household item
I changed this too a yearly goal since sometimes there are better deals in one moth for one category
So this month I found a fabulous glass pyrex baking dish on sale for under 4 euro, I also got a glass tee pot with a seeper for under 3 euro. I also received a package from home with some very nice cookies sheets and a metal baking pan.
Body- I found a eucalyptus bath soak for 1 euro. I also placed a avon order with my mom, that will hopefully come next month.
1 book- I bought a book of amazon called The housewife's guide to running a modern home for 5 euro, and I ordered a book on my book swapper site, something about the Holy grail, oh yes Holy Blood, Holy Grail. I also swapped a second time for a new Dean Koontz book. 
Clothing- I did not get anything this month

8. Visit 10 castles
None this month, still too cold out, but we saw some beauties from a distance that we may have to go back and visit

9. Visit 10 museums
Not yet

10. Finish my homemaking binder
I have made some great progress I hope to finish it up in the next month

11. Make a recipe book
Have not started yet, finishing my homemaking binder first

12. Try 1 new recipe a week
Yes I completed this, I made red beans and rice, a noodle casserole, a chicken casserole, and a tuna alfredo (plus more hehe)

13. 2 fold part 1) Finish the integrations course and 2) pass the b1 test
In Progress

14. *secret*
Not yet started

15. Read the bible cover to cover
In progress, plus with devotional. I will do a separate post on this theme

16. two fold 1) get my drivers license and 2) learn to drive stick shift
I am studying the test materials

17. Complete the future homemakers program (its like a home ec course learning to maintain a home)
In progress

18. Start crafting and complete 10 projects
I am working on decorating the outside of my home binder, plus another top secret project (for hubby so I can't say, ask if curious)

19. 2 date nights a month- one at home and one out, take turns planning
We had a movie night, but no night out yet

20. Get out of the house and meet a friend 2 times a month
Not as easy as thought. I did make it one time to my friend YOgitas for the afternoon

21. Attempt a new baking recipe once a month
Not yet, but hope to use my new pans

22. Stay in my OCD mailing group a full year
So far so good

23. Go walking at least 3 times a week

24. Complete 5 small monthly mini goals/ projects
Cleared up below under the list of projects

5 mini goals/ projects for January:

1. File all loose papers: not yet
2. organize loose cords: not yet
3. clean out kitchen cupboards: in progress just a few left to do
4. organize bookmarks on computer: done
5. Clean out email: done

I will update my general goals every three months since they are not really measurable. 

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Sommer said...

So tell me about this Future Homemakers course and how to join?? I've been a stay-at-home for 2.5 years, but there is so much I want and need to learn.

PS: Sweet blog!


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