Saturday, January 23, 2010

The "All You" article

It reads:

" I lost 40 pounds"

Serena XXXXX
XXXXXXX, Germany
Height: 5'3''
Before: 205 pounds, size 20
After: 165 pounds, size 12
Web site used:

Serena's Top Tip: I limit liquid calories. I buy a 2-liter bottle of soda twice a month. It it's gone I won't buy more.

Her moment of truth:
I was walking in the mall and a teenager said hey miss your belly button is talking. I thought maybe my stomach was growling. But my shirt had slipped up and my midriff was showing. He was referring to my rolls of fat moving. If I were self- confident the comment wouldn't have bothered be. But it did.

Why going online worked for her:
A lot of magazines I looked at offered one size fits all diets. I have nothing but respect for the women who can jog ten miles a day and eat fish and rice, but that isn't me. I needed something I could adapt to my life. Sparkpeople offers a premade meal plan, but I do not follow it to a T. I look at the different food combinations and then on Sundays, look for the sales for that week. I mix and match the meals and enter them in the food tracker. The site also suggests different exercises- if you don't like one, try another.

HOw she changed her eating habits:
The site taught me about portion sizes. Previously, I'd cook 1/2 to 3/4 pound of spaghetti and a whole jar of sauce with a pound of ground meat thrown in. I'd eat the whole thing myself. Now I don't do exact measurements, but I put a small portion of the main item on my plate and fill the rest with vegetables and salad.

HOw she stayed active:
I used to drive one block to the grocery store if I wanted a soda. But the site helped me understand that walking is great exercise. I bought a cart, and I walk to do errands. Those carts get pretty heavy. Pulling one is a great workout.

HOw she dealt with setbacks:
At the end of 2007 (Personal note they made a mistake the year should have said 2008), my grandfather and aunt died within six weeks of each other. I gave up my diet for a while. But come New Years, I started fresh. I took it two weeks at a time, focusing on one goal. For example, for one two-week period my goal was to enter the food I ate everyday into the site. That was it. Once I eased back into the routine, it was less challenging.

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